Cayden James Is Here

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crrodgers - September 24

Hello everyone! So I finally have my birth story! I don't know if you all read my post about needing advice on when to schedule my c-section, the doctor had left the choice up tp me...friday or tuesday. Well, the final choice was not made by me. I woke up on Thursday at about 4am with extreme shivers. I put a robe on and got back into bed. About 1 hour later I woke up still shivering so I decided to go downstairs and check my temp. I was at 100.3. I called my doctor and she said that it was low grade and to take tylenol and keep an eye on it. Then I went in to my doctors office for a scheduled NST and I was having steady contractions every 7-10 minutes. The doctor then sent me to L&D just so they could keep an eye on me. The hospital is about 1 hour away from my house and as we were driving there I started getting an unbearable headache. I was barely feeling the contractions because the headache was so bad. When I got to the hospital I had 102.7 fever and was shaking horribly and had a terrible headache. They gave me tylenol which did a whole lot of nothing! When the doctor saw me, he said that they could not deliver the baby with my fever so high but they were going to keep me there and try to get my fever down and figure out what was wrong. 4 vicadin and a sleeping pill later, they woke me up the next morning (friday) at 4 am and said that I had to be in the operating room by 5am! I had to call my DH (he was home with the girls) and tell him he had 1 hour to get there! He barely made it. Anyways, the reason they wanted him out so fast was because his HB was at 200 b/m and had some decelerations. So he was no longer happy in my belly. C-section went great, he was PERFECTLY lung problems (I had GD) he rated 8-9 on the apgar. My recovery was a bit more difficult b/c I kept running a fever of 103 until Saturday. They ran every possible test on me and still haven't figured it out. We just go home today. His sisters are very excited, my two year old is a little TOO helpful! He was 6 lbs 8 oz - 18 3/4 inches long and he was born at 6:16 am on Friday Sept 21st. Thanks to everyone that helped me through this pregnancy! Congrats to all of those new mommies and good luck to those soon to be mommies....believe me, there IS a light at the end of the tunnel!!!!!


January - September 24

Congrats!! Sorry about the fever, how odd that they can't find anything that caused it. Glad to hear your surgery went well... I'm so jealous, I can't wait to hold my lo.


WP - September 24

That is one crazy-a__sed birth story, crrodgers! I am so glad you're both doing well. Congrats!


docbytch - September 24

Awesome crrodgers! Your story gives other GD moms hope for sure. Congrats to you and your little boy!


staci - September 24

Yayyy Claudia!!!! Congratulations! I was wondering how you were, last we heard was that you weren't well. I am so happy for you he is finally here! and that everyone is ok!!


kimberly - September 24

Congratulations!! Enjoy your little boy!!


lissica - September 24

Yay congratulations on a healthy boy! I knew he would be just fine. What a relief that you are both doing well. I can't wait to see some pictures!


charee - September 24

Aww, Congrats!!!!!!! I still have to post my birth story! Im so glad he is here and you are all ok. Congrats again! Enjoy him mine is already 2 weeks and holding his head up some!!!!


tonia - September 25

Claudia, congrats to you! I am so happy for you! This is so exciting!!! I can't wait to see your little baby boys' pics! Please take care of yourself!


falafal0 - September 25

So glad to hear that everythign went well. wonder what teh fever was about? Strange. I love his name...welcome Cayden.


frozenfeet - September 25

Claudia!! Congrats to you!! I'm so happy that things have worked out and you've got your happy and healthy baby boy now! You need to rest and take care of yourself though!! I know it was a worrisome last few weeks but eventually, mother nature let you know what needed to be done! Best of luck!!



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