Cervical Cancer

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Dana - November 24

hey guys, the doc just called and told me my last pap came back abnormal. I have had the laser surgery before but now I am 7 months pregnant and was wondering what do they do when you have pre cancerouse cells growing on cervix?


Emy - November 25

Is this the first pap that has come back abnormal? What do you mean by the laser surgery you had before? Have you been diagnosed with have warts on your cervix? Usually, the protocol that doctors follow is to wait 3 months after the first abnormal pap smear to see if it clears up on its own. Usually it does. Most women who have a first abnormal pap smear go back to have a normal one. (This happened to my sister who has the hpv virus which causes genital warts.) I am surprised they did not tell you at the doctor's office but this is probably what they will do: test you again once the baby comes. But you should definitely ask them about your delivery: will this affect v____al delivery vs. c-section?


Erin - November 25

I had the same thing. All my pap smears have been normal until I became pregnant. The abnormal cells are a pre-cancerous lesion, and they also told me that it almost always goes away after pregnancy. It shouldn't affect your ability to have a v____al birth, and my doctor told me that having a v____al delivery can actually help to get rid of the cells.


... - November 26

I had adenocarcinoma in situ of the cervix and i just wanted to tell you that there are different strains of HPV...not just one and only certain strains 'cause warts so don't listen to Emy.


mother777 - November 27

i was going to say not all abnormal are hpv which causes warts.


r - November 27

that happened to me when i was pregnant with my 2nd son and they really can not do anything but byopsy then when you have the baby you go from there I opted to have the cells removed and now my paps have been normal good luck...oh and I do NOT have hpv virus!!



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