Cervix Problems Thinning Amp Funneling

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JG - October 12

My cervix has been 50% effaced and 2 cm long since week 25. I'm 30 weeks and the last 2 weeks my cervix has started to funnel. Has anyone else had this problem? How long after it started funneling did you go into labor. The dr. is hoping for me to get to at least 32 weeks (34 weeks would be ideal).


pmg. - October 13

I've been funneling since week 25, went into ptl 2 days after funneling was discovered, given corticosteroid shots, the ptl was stopped with with mag sulfate, been on bedrest in the hospital since. cervix has since shortened to .8cm. am now at 30w6d (with twins by the way) as long as you follow doctors orders, you have a good chance of preventing early delivery. I've literally stayed off my feet for the last month and some.. and counting... am actually surprised I made it this far, didn't think I was. bedrest is a pain and ha__sle, but for my girls' sake, I'm keeping myself going. try to stay off your feet, I think you'll be ok.. :)


ann - October 13

jg, your doctor has to moniter you much more closely and do the same with you as pmg's doctor did with her. you want to keep your baby in the oven for as long as possible! demand that your doctor do everything to keep you from going into preterm labor for as long as possible. did he put you on strick bedrest? be pro-active and an advocate for your baby!


kaitlin - October 13

What is funneling? Can someone explain what that would feel like or how you would know about it? I'm 29 weeks, and have just this week started to feel a pain "down there" that reminds me of how I felt when I'd be getting my m/s (a few days before). I have an appointment with my doctor next Tuesday, so I was going to ask anyway, but now I'm curious about this funneling.


going-to-pop - October 13

BEDREST. It works. Demand that your doctor put you on bedrest. If you're unable to stay off of your feet because of your children, then get help or ask to be admitted. I went in for a 25 week sonogram, and they discovered that I was funneling and my cervix had shortened to 2 cm. I was immediately placed on bedrest. Now, my cervix has actually lengthened and it's now at 2.5. I've made it to 32 weeks, but all guards will not go down until 34. Though the doctors are extremely pleased. Also, they should give you steroid shots to help the baby's lungs develop sooner in case he comes to soon. I'm a true believer in bedrest. Hopefully you're doing this since you've added 5 weeks since discovering the problem. As everyone else has said, get in bed, stay off your feet, and do whatever it takes to keep your bun in the oven.


Alissa - October 14

I have been on bed rest since 28 weeks for the same thing and I am now at 35 weeks bedrest really helps do it even though you will get really bored it will help save your baby


JG - October 14

I've been on strict bedrest for since week 25. Can only get up to use the bathroom and take a short shower. I had to stay in the hospital a couple of days in the beginning for betamethasone shot for the baby's lungs and next week the doctor is going to get me another dose of the betameth and wants to monitor me in the hospital for a few days. :S It's getting so hard to stay sane. I just feel so useless. I feel like DH and I a growing apart 'cause we don't do anything anymore. We can't even sit on the same couch 'cause I'm so darn uncomfortable. :(



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