Cesarean And Induction

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christineg - May 23

I'm being induced on Friday and I've been reading that there is a higher risk of cesarean section with an induction. Does anybody know why that is? Is it a matter of lack of progression? The last thing I want is to end up having a cesarean. I'm 100% effaced and 2cm right now....so does that give me a head start on progression, or does it not really matter. These are all questions I should have asked my doctor, I was just so happy to hear I was having my baby on Friday that I forgot to ask...figures :) Does anybody have any insight on this? Is there anything I can do to lower my risk of cesarean?


gracie - May 23

Hi, well I was induced with my first pregnancy and ended up needing a csection due to the intensity of the contractions causing fetal distress. This doesnt happen to everyone, but unfortunatly it can. good luck.. grace


3babies - May 23

Hi Christine, it sounds like you are a good candidate for induction if you are 100% effaced and have some dilation. A lot of girls who progress to c/s just werent ready for induction. Sometimes the doctor had a suspision beforehand, ie: a baby that hasnt engaged well before induction has higher chance of c/s as often this is due to mothers pelvis not being large enough and bubs becomes stressed as labour progress. Just remember that although some end in c/s plenty of women are induced and deliver v____ally. Good luck for Friday (PS both times my mum was booked for induction her water broke the night before and she started labour on her own!)


mishy - May 23

Call your dr and ask those questions - I do exactly the same thing, sit there stunned and then after think of questions to ask. Call them back and ask your questions, they won't mind at all! Try not to worry about all the possibilities - just go with the flow and good luck with it!



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