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Amber - January 9

I was planning on taking my unpaid maternity leave on february first, as i am due on the 14th. I get 4 months unpaid maternity leave, with my job back. However its a very physically demanding job, working with people with behavioral and developmental disabalities. I work with someone who could literally throw me down the stairs. This is very important for me and my family monitarily, but im about to quit for good, i really cant stand the drama anymore. When should i start my leave? I would LOVE to go in there today and tell them im done for good today! Just up and quit!!!! (please tell me this is hormonal.) I also have nothing up for the babys room. Not even the floor has been vacc_med, its still full of c__p! When?


Lisastar9 - January 9

I would stick it out till Feb !,go on mat leave and try to look for a job 2 months after the baby is born.


anita - January 10

if you really need to work the rest of this month, why don't you tell your dr. (or his nurse) the situation and have them write you the not. i'm sure your dr agrees that you shouldn't be left alone w/ any violent unstable people. i don't understand why they would put you in a situation like that anyway at 8mons pregnant...if anything happened to the baby, they'd be responsible.


Maggie - January 10

Amber I completely understand where you are coming from. I'm an ER nurse, and an MRI technologist, and my doctor made me leave my job last week. Working the MRI isn't that bad (except when people want me to lift them off the table), but working in the ER was pure hell. Don't get me wrong I LOVE my job and being a nurse, but it was too physically demanding and was actually starting to be a dangerous situation for me. My ER gets a lot of patients with drug abuse problems, and we also have a psychiatric ER, so every once in a while we get a patient who is extremely unruly, and who has to sedate them....the nurses. One thing I have learned in this profession is that when you feel burnt out its time for a vacation. The fact that they would put you in a situation that could possibly do you harm shows how negligent they are, not only to you, but to your patients. Being that you don't get paid leave anyway, I would cut my losses and concentrate on the baby. You are obviously under a great deal of stress which is not good for you. I know you worry about the rent, believe me I do too, but if you stop now you have a few weeks to figure that out. Do you have any family that can help you out? Oh and by the way, it looks to me like since they can't fire you b/c of your pregnancy they are looking for a way to make you leave. If they tried to say that you were negligent, I would throw it back on them for putting an 8 months pregnant women alone with a patient known for being violent. If you are in a union, I would get them on the case or you can file a complaint with DOH. Good luck to you, and keep us posted.


Maggie - January 10

Oh, by the way I'm 34 weeks pregnant.


shelly - January 10

I think you just need to listen to what your body and mind are telling you. I only get 12 weeks off and wanted to work as long as I couldn so that was I could have more time off after with the baby. But, at 35 weeks I had to take off my body just couldn't take it anymore (I'm a waitress, so I'm on my feet all day long). Even though I wanted more time after, I'm sure my little guy is enjoying his mommy not being stressed everyday at work!!


JennyC - January 10

Sounds like you're just trying to protect your baby and they should support that. But if you think you'll be leaving anyway, try to do it in a way that won't burn your bridges, that way you can get good referrals later on. If that means either getting a doc's note or quitting now, it might be worth it so you don't have any more arguments with them in the future. You never know who you're going to need help from in the future. It sounds like a very tough position to be in. I'm impressed that you are still there, it must be very hard work. Good luck!


Ginny - January 10

I am impressed you've made it this far, too, and i agree with what was said earlier. You should quit, but try not to burn bridges. And it does sound like they are trying to make you leave by your own choice, since it's pretty much illegal to fire you for being pregnant. But if you feel up to it, get the note from your dr, better yet, get a blanket note from your dr, saying you need to use your own judgement about what you can and can't do, and work a little longer. Before you quit, I would become educated on your rights. My husband's back was slowly injured on a job, went to the dr, and was told not to lift a certain amt (which only made up about 10% of his job). At work, they told him that they didn't need him if he couldn't lift, so he got ticked, and left to look for another job. Because he didn't file a complaint about the injury, the company wouldn't take responsibility and pay workers comp. And since the company claimed he left on his "own accord" he wasn't eligible for unemployment. So be sure you jump through all the right hoops to make sure you don't get screwed.


Meredith - January 10

My job as a store manager was very high stress, and I was very burnt out. I made to three weeks before my due date before I decided I did not want to go back. My doctor signed the papers, and I elected to take the full 12 weeks allowed by law. So now, I can have my job back if I want it, or if I still feel like I do not want my job anymore I can just not return from leave. Long story short, take leave a little early (I delivered early anyway...I thought I would have 2 weeks of laying aroung the house, it was more like two days.) and decide whether you want your job when you are sure it is not hormones.


Amber - January 16

Well i got a note from my Dr. limiting my work, to: Not being alone with aggressive clients (which no one is anyway), and not lifting over 20 pounds. I think these are rather normal things for pregnancy, but they told me I had to go on FMLA. Which SUCKS for me, because I cant file for unemployment, and i have NO paid leave. So from here on, I am without income, and very depressed about it....... but i have enough to do here.



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