Charlie Horse At Night

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KellynJ - June 8

Anyone get that awful pain in their calves or ankels in the middle of the night? What is the cause and how can i stop them?


Kim L - June 8

Yes it's awful!!! I've heard people suggest more milk and bananas, but it doesn't seem to work all that well for me. I guess we just have to grin and bear it! It does help to flex the foot back towards the knee...


lindsay - June 8

yeah, i've heard increase pota__sium as well, but i still get them.. as a matter of fact, my left calf feels "bruised' today from an awful one i got really early this morning... i find it seems i get them when i'm kind of trying to stretch my legs and feet, and BAM, there it is.. i know, it sucks...i either flex if it's not too bad, but usually i have to jump up and "walk it off" and put a lot of pressure on it to work it out..


MooBaby - June 8

Hi Kelly, I know your pain. In fact one night the pain was so bad I fell out of bed and hit my head on the night stand! My Dr. reccomends a calcium magnesium supplement... I take it every day but at a different time then my prenatal because it helps with absorption of nutrients. Also, drink tons of water, that helps too. Lindsay, I feel like its bruised the next day too and I hobble around. Not a fun prego side effect, but hang in there!


Angiconda - June 8

Someone recommended Smart water with electrolytes. I have started drinking it and have noticed a big difference. I drink a ton or water on a regular basis and still got them some night were worse then others but the smart water really seems to be helping.


miraclebaby - June 8

So sorry, I got one in the pool the other day and thought I was going to die, I could not get up the latter because it would not stop. ps don't stretch when you get up and if you have to do not point your toes flex your foot up. My doc said ban. and milk too. it does help a little for me . good luck


Mommy_Erin23 - June 9

Well, Im not quite sure how to stop them, but as miraclebaby said, try not to strech or point your toes and if you do get one flex your foot toward your knee, use your hands to force it if you have to. If that doesn't work, get up and walk on it. They get pretty bad in the 3rd Tri but will go away once your little one comes :) Good luck.


Deb - June 9

I heard staying well hydrated helps too. I had this a few times in 2nd trimester but not at all in 3rd. I drink about 6 - 8 bottles of water a day now and no problems (other than peeing every 15 minutes!)


livdea - June 9

I was getting them a ton around 30-33 weeks and now at 35 weeks I'm not feeling them...I think we go through a stage of unbarable charlie horses...and then hopefully they go away. Good luck, nothing I tried helped...I asked the same question!!!


sweet16ash - June 10

My mom never gets charlie horses (cramps in legs) but when she was pg with my little brother she was having them nightly and a couple times a night at that. She would drink more milk and eat bananas but nothing seemed to work in her case. I think it is just something that goes along with pregnancy. HUGS


fefer1 - June 12

I have been getting them for weeks now! I've tried more bananas, more milk, stretching before bed..nothing works. I even got them in both legs at once this week!!! I feel like I'm bruised the next day too. My legs also ache at night and nothing helps. My dr. says it's like working out real hard and having lactic build up in your legs. She had the same problem when pregnant and said there is nothing you can do but live with it. No magic cure.Bummer! The leg cramps are awful though and I'm only 28 weeks! Many long nights ahead of me!



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