Cheap Brand Baby Wipes

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shan_mommy - July 11

Just curious - I recently got a few packs of non-name brand baby wipes at my baby shower and was wondering if anyone has ever had any problems with them causing rashes or anything. I don't want to use them if they do.


Mellissa - July 11

nope, i'm a cheapie and i always buy the off-brand baby wipes. i try to stay away from the scented ones though because i've heard they can cause rashes...


shan_mommy - July 11

I'll have to check and see if they are scented. But good to know that it won't hurt to use them. I'm all about saving money. Thanks!


Jill - July 11

My first two kids always had very sensitive skin when they were very young, so in the beginning pampers were the only ones that did not iritate there skin. As they got older I was able to use any brand. So you could always save them for a while. Good Luck!


Dionne - July 11

I use to use cheap baby wipes not thinking there was anything wrong with them, until one day (sorry tmi) we ran out of loo paper, so wipes was my last resort. It didn't feel too good at all, a little bit of a stingy feeling when I wiped. I say try it on yourself and see how it feels, I know it sounds stupid. :-))


Tanna - July 11

I usually buy less expensive unscented wiptes. Let's face it, they are wiping a little b___t and going in the trash, so why buy the name brands which really just cost more money? Stick with unscented and you should be fine. My little girl has eczema and my son has super sensitive skin, but they have always tolerated any unscented wipe I have used.


CyndiG - July 11

I'm with Dionne. Some things you just don't want to skimp on. And they are wiping a sweet little behind who deserves the best! And I don't buy cheap toilet paper.....And it's just wiping my behind! :O}


Been There - July 11

But if Dionne didn't try the name brand wipes on herself, how does she know it wasn't just her own reaction to the wipes and not that the wipes were cheaper? I'm not saying there isn't a difference between certain brands and no-name brands. But there are some no-name store brands that are cheaper but just as good as the well-known counterparts. I think you should take Dionne's advice and try them first, but try them both (brand and name brand) so that you'll know if there is a difference.


Tanya2 - July 11

Or when you're baby is newborn use the known brands (Pampers, Huggies etc) and once they are 2-3 months old and can always switch. My 9 month old is pretty flexible anything goes, but I do love the smell of Pampers so I use them. Now we are having another baby so she will have to go to the cheaper brands, I'm sure her bottom will survive, she has used them before (got some Kirkland brand ones for gifts) and she was fine with them.


Mingill - July 12

We just discussed baby wipes at my prenatal cla__s. Our teacher said that 9 times out of 10, if your baby gets a rash it's from the baby wipes. So it might be trial an error, if your baby reacts to one, switch to another brand (Known or No-Name). Our teacher suggested wiping baby with a damp cloth after the baby wipe to remove any residue left by the wipe. So in that case, I don't think it would matter what brand you're using, as long as it wiped off the goo. (It's late, so I hope this makes sense).


3babies - July 12

I just thought I would add that although huggies etc are more expensive, they are thicker, so in some instances you use less. In the beginning when they seem to poo with every feed I tended to use huggies because you only needed one or two whereas you seemed to use more of the thinner ones (so you didnt end up with it on your hands!). Some of the cheaper ones are still good, but I tried a couple that werent as moist, so that was a pain if it was poo you were trying to clean. All about trial and error really!


Jamie - July 12

Just wanted to throw this out there - you don't HAVE to use disposable wipes at all. I use wash cloths. (Not the same ones I use on my dishes, obviously) with warm water. Throw 'em in a bucket, then throw 'em in the washer right before bed. First thing in the morning, put 'em in the dryer, and you have fresh wipes all day long with no extra ha__sle.


Been There - July 12

Jamie, that's a good idea when home. But we still can't disregard our need for something to use when we're out. Then there's daycare, they have to use something. I doubt they'll use washcloths there. Or maybe some company should just have something called "wetable wipes." They are thick disposable wipes, but you wet them with water when ready to use. That way you don't have to worry about the stains not coming out in the wash and the wipe (including smell) can go out with the diaper.


Jamie - July 12

I use cloth wipes AND cloth diapers when out and about. It's doable. Baking soda gets rid of the smell, and I have yet to get a stain. Just carry a ziplock bag with you. Not a big deal, cheaper, and better for the environment.


momofalmost3 - July 12

I use the Target brand non scented sensitive skin ones and they work great! No rashes here and my boys both have exima.


Fatima - July 12

Im not sure if they are cheap but I still have a bunch of wipies from the baby shower. But I definately did not like the brand sweeties. It is too thin, and i have to use like a thousand to clean his poo, not to mention dirtying my hand. Yuck! Anyways, I like huggies better, because they are thick.


shan_mommy - July 12

Thanks for all the great responses. Lots of good advice. I think I may go the route of using the namebrand non-scented at first and then give the no-name brands a shot a little later on when the baby's skin might not be quite as sensitive.



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