Checking The Cervix

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elizabeth - December 30

When i go for my 35-36 week check-up my doctor said they are going to check my cervix and do the strep B test. Now for the checking the cervix, does that hurt any? and how do they check exactly like with two fingers or open you up then check you. Also with the strep B they say the take sample from your va___a and from your rectal area, now do they actually stick a q-tip up your r___m or how do they do that exactly also? im 33 weeks pregnant and very nervous about everything


Kaeli - December 30

For the Strep B test, they just swab the area, so there should not be any discomfort at all. As for checking the cervix, they just use 2 fingers, the first few cervical exams I had, there wasnt really any pain, more pressure. But I actually had one today that was pretty painful. I had a lot of spotting afterwards as well. I am 39.5 weeks, so he did a more thorough exam today which I guess is why it hurt so bad? Good luck to you, I am sure you will do just fine!


to elizabeth - December 30

My strep test took maybe 3 seconds - no discomfort at all and nothing inserted inside of me, just swabbing at the openings and perineum. As far as the cervix goes, they only use their hands (no tools!). I haven't had it done with this one b/c they are waiting until 37 weeks b/c they want me to make it to 39 weeks for induction and I'm right at 36 weeks. With my last child though, I remember it being more uncomfortable the further along I got. The more the baby engaged my birthca___l the more "sore" it was. For me I never had real "pain" just a lot of discomfort at the end. It can make you spot (not everyone does though) I'm sure they will tell youthat though. What you will need to call the dr for is if you are bleeding through pads. With my last child I spotted on my last internal check up (not the 2 before it) and it was mainly while using the bathroom for a few hours after the exam. that night/next morning I started having clots of blood (this turned out being the rest of my mucus plug) and then went into labor about 3 am (I was only 1 cm so don't be discouraged) I went to the hospital and before the could send me home (b/c I wasn't 4 cm) my water broke. I had my DD 2.5 hours later! So don't worry about how dialated you are. I had my daughter being dialated at a 1 1.5 weeks before my friend who went in the same day as me for an internal and was due 3 days before me and was dialated to a 3! So you never know!


Sarah - December 30

I had my Strep test done yesterday, and she actually gave me the swab to take to the bathroom and do it myself. She instructed me to insert the swab about 3 inches, do a ring around and then do a ring around my a__s. No pain, no discomfort.


SHelly - December 30

i had mine a week ago and wasnt bad at all, she checked if i was dialated, which im not. She also got a long q-tip and went around my perineum and rectum. Wasnt bad at all, but i was really nervous!



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