Checking Your Own Cervix

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mindee - September 2

Ok the is embarassing but here it goes, I have heard of women checking their own cervix, where is it located and what is the best position to check your own cervix. Thanks!


pbj - September 3

I have no idea about this one. At 29 weeks I can't even see my v____a and I even have a hard time reaching it in the shower to clean it; much less to check my cervix, which is inside. If someone has an answer to this one...I've definately gotta here it.


B - September 3

I'm with pbj...HA! I can't even shave down there anymore or even see it yet alone check my cervix. If anyone has arms long enough for this I'd want to hear about it too :) your cervix is set way back in the v____a...once you hit the wall,you've hit the cervix. Good luck :)


Susie - September 3

hiya same here girl, i cant even get the top of me tights shaved never mind looking or trying to shave my vigina... its maddness.


lol - September 3

that's a crazy one-- I wouldn't do it even if I could reach. it irritates the cervix and can cause leaking.. I think this one is best to leave to the docs.. crazies


kare - September 5

i cant even see my feet unles im walking - then i can see my toes flick out infront of me ha! no ideas about this one!


haley - September 7

there are plenty of sites that will tell you how to check your own cervix. the easiest way though is to sit on the toilet with one foot down and raise the other foot up (onto the toilet seat or tub next to you) then insert two fingers (middle and pointer) towards your back. your cervix is like puckered lips when you are pregnant. if you can feel that, that is the cervix. the dilation happens where the lips form an "O" shape. if you can fit 2 fingers in there, thats equal to 2cm roughly. WASH YOUR HANDS FIRST!!! also, not everyone is able to feel their cervix, many dont know what it feels like (it feels about the same as your v____al walls when you are pregnant), so many dont know what they are feeling for. but good luck!


Jenn - September 7

If you can check your own cervix, more power to you... I couldn't reach mine with a crane right now! LOL


pbj - September 7

Jean, I'm with you.


Mary - September 7

what about having your significant other check it out for you? that could even be fun :)


jess - September 7

lmao.....cervix?? i dunno i i even have a v____a anymore...i have 2 get my hubby to check!!



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