Cheese In Mexican Foods PLEASE HELP

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Nita_ - April 7

I just came back from lunch at a mexican place. The tostadas I had has some sort of shredded white cheese on top. I didn't realize until my order came to the table. I asked the waiter what it was and he said it was home made cheese..and when I asked if it was pasteurized he said yes. Now I came online to search and there are sites that say pregnant woman should avoid mexican cheese and ther listeriosis(spelling?) would be harmful to the baby.....i'm feeling really uneasy. Am i being paranoid or has anyone any thoughts? please share!


Jenn - April 7

With my first son all I ate was mexican food-I never thought about the cheese though. He seems to be fine. I think it will be alright.


Ba8y6irl - April 7

I ate Mexican food in Mexico and its perfectly fine! as long as its pasturized and he said it was so I am sure the baby will be just fine. Even if it isnt, it's still just a precautionary thing more than anything. Its possible to get listeria poisoning from unpasturized cheese but not necessarily something that WILL happen. Its just a possibility. :) Don't worry my friend... :-)


bean - April 7

Mexican cheese as in cheese imported from Mexico, or Mexican-style cheeses? My understanding is that all cheeses made in the US must be pasturized. Please someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I remember reading that somewhere. However, imported cheeses may not have to follow the same guidelines. Either way - there's no reason to panic. What's done is done. The fear is that you may have ingested listeria, which is a bacteria that you can fight, but the baby may not have the antibodies to defend against yet. If it puts your mind at ease, give your dct a quick call. But I'm sure you're fine. It's not like you ate a whole truckload, and chances that the bacteria was in the cheese are probably very small. Remember - all these "rules" are just a precaution.


Tillie - April 7

You're fine! The cheese was very likely made with pasteurized milk. I've been very cheese lenient, myself...


Nita_ - April 7

Thank you ladies!! I'm somewhat feeling better! hopefully it's not as bad as i'm imagining!


meme - April 7

bean - you're right. All cheese made in America must be pasteurized. And imported cheeses are hella expensive, so when you get them from a restaurant, they're likely gonna let you know that this is the reason you're paying big bucks for your meal. Plus, if they're cooked to a certain temperature, you're okay. And it's basically soft and semi-soft cheeses you have to look out for even then.


Tillie - April 7

Maybe I should stop eating so much fancy French cheese...I promise Nita, if anyone is doubled over with listeria anytime soon, it will be me.



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