Chemical Free Baby Products

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Tillie - May 12

I'd love some suggestions of good baby products that are chemical free--I need everything from diaper cream to body wash, soap and lotion. I've seen California Baby products in stores--has anyone used them? I also want chemical free laundry detergent. Does anyone know a good alternative to Dreft? I feel really strongly about steering away from toxins, especially when they're going on my baby's skin! Any suggestions would be most appreciated.


pbj - May 12

I don'treally agree that most baby products have toxins in them. Especially some major companies who have been making baby products for over 100 years. Anyway, I would imagine you could find what you're referring to at someone like Whole Foods. You may also want to ask on the infant care forum...more women who already have children.


Nora1 - May 12

Try looking into Arbonne's baby care products maybe? I have them but haven't used them yet - I just got them as a gift. I don't know if they are chemical free necessarily, but in the magazine it describes them as botanically-based, hypo-allergenic, pure, safe and beneficial. You can look it up online also, but I think there are more products and more to read about them in the catalog.


dee23 - May 14

ive just gotten a good tip from 2 generations behind me...they all say to use velvet soap. i think velvet has clothes detergent too? just what ive heard. parently even johnsons and johnsons shampoo has a really strong smell? and it should be odour free i would say.......but parently velvet soap is pure and wont dry there skin. parently its really cheap and most places dont sell it cause they cant mark it up and its so cheap lol...anywho...hope that helps


lee ann - May 14

You are very wise in your decisions and this should be done and taken care of from everyone.I found a company that is using toxic free products and I, for myself, found them very very good.There are also baby products and I, as a mother to be, already have all the stock that I will be using for him/her :-)) If maybe you are interested, I can give more information privately through e-mail.Take care and good luck.



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