Childbirth Classes Yea

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Cassie06 - May 16

I just got the info in the mail for our childbirth classes, the first one is on May 22nd!! :) Is it sad that I am excited?? It just seems like now we are getting the stuff together for the room, my first shower is coming up this sunday, and now we are scheduled for classes. Everything is starting to seem more real!!


pbj - May 16

i don't think it's sad that you're excited. I was excited about mine as well and I met some really nice other parents who were all due the same time we were. We all still exchange photos through email. Congratulations! This is the time it starts to really get exciting.


Allie - May 16

All the mommies I know have gotten pretty excited about their cla__ses (although most of the daddies complained about having to go) :) I know I really looked forward to mine - it's a great milestone, and really helps you to feel more prepared! I am also looking forward to May 22nd, but for another reason...I get to start training my replacement at work...I CAN'T wait to have her trained and be able to stay home...these 9 hour days are killing me!! (35 weeks and counting)


Gracer - May 16

I went to childbirth cla__s and I loved it! I was really happy that I went! Before I was stressing out, thinking "OMG, I have to pushing this huge baby out of my body!!!" But now that Im more informed, I feel much more in control and ready to go! Have fun!!


ataylor724 - May 16

I'm getting excited about mine, too. You sound like you are much more prepared than I am Ca__sie. If I remember correctly we're due a day apart (although you may be induced last I read) and we have nothing ready. We've started our registry and took our hospital tour. Childbirth cla__ses however we aren't starting for a few more weeks... am I running behind? I am enrolling for a b___stfeeding course through the hospital. Have you looked into these or has anyone taken one? The hospital offers one before birth and then the lactation consultant also makes room rounds for an hour refresher during your stay there. I'm not even starting these yet and am excited about them :) Not as excited as I am about painting our nursery though I have to admit


Gracer - May 16

hi... I took the b___st feeding cla__s to. It was really helpfull also, i say if there free then go take as many cla__ses as possible. My husband and I still have one more cla__s to go to next month. "caring for your newborn"


Ca__sie06 - May 16

ataylor--I dont think you are behind me! I called and talked to the lady at the hospital and she told me when the cla__ses I needed started, so yours just may start later. I am not taking the lactating cla__ses because I do not plan to b___stfeed, but they were offered. We have the crib and changing table and dresser. I know I am getting my glider at my second shower! (My aunt told me, she wasnt supposed to but she didnt want me to buy it! :) ) My MIL layed away the armoire so once it is out we will have everything. I think we are going to start painting in about a week or so and put up the border. My due date is August 8th, but the dr said he may induce me 2 weeks early if everything looks good. I have so many clothes and things already I dont know what to do with them! And I havent even had my showers yet!! lol. allie--congrats on getting your replacement trained! I bet you cant wait to be at home!!


mishy - May 16

To Ca__sie - not sure why u aren't planning to b___st feed but if its b/c of other horror stories (cracked/bleeding nipples, crying as your baby feeds etc), can I say all my friends had those horror stories and I was dreading b___stfeeding and prepared not to do it and then I did the b___stfeeding cla__s and using the technique they showed, I had no problems feeding once baby arrived. No soreness, cracks, discomfort, it was just easy if I stuck with what they told me. And cheap, and good for baby and convenient etc. So by no means am I lecturing or challenging your decision, just thought it might be worth letting you know that I found the cla__s helpful.


Ca__sie06 - May 16

mishy--hi! no offense taken. My not b___stfeeding doesnt have anything to do with the horror stories. I am a full time college student and will be in cla__ses almost all day just a few weeks after the baby is born, and I dont want to spend the little bit of time I have at home with him pumping. That way DH can get up at night and feed him some too. Neither my husband nor I was b___stfed, so I dont think we are any worse off for it so I think it will be ok for the baby!! When we have our next if I get to stay home I may try b___stfeeding.


mishy - May 17

Hi Ca__sie, good luck with continuing your studies, I was finishing my masters and found it really hard! I admire you. Best of luck with it!


pwd3mama - May 18

I was excited about going to my cla__ses too. in fact I am kind of sad that they are over now. you leave the cla__s feeling like you are going to be a great parent cause you learn all this new stuff.



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