Chloe June Is Here

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Gretta - March 9

Hi Girls - Just a quick note to let you know Chloe June came into the world on Wed at 9:35 pm. I was induced Tuesday night and never dialted more than 2 centemeters so I went in for a C-Section at 9:00. I was really swollen and spilling protein and my BP was up around 180/110 so they wanted to get her out. She is beautiful! Perfect 6lbs 8 oz and 18 inches. I was really in a horrible amount of pain and doped up for a day afterwards but feeling a lot better now and the br___t feeding is going great. My incision is sore but not so bad after two days. I will be at the hospital until Sunday but will write more next week.


danimarie - March 9

Congrats!! Glad you're healing up well and that everything is ok!


Mommy1 - March 9

Congratulations Gretta on Baby Chloe....very nice name!! Best Wishes...


excited2bemama - March 9

Yea!!! Another birth story! Congrats. :o)


sarahd - March 9

Congrats on your little girl! Glad to hear she is healthy...


gina143 - March 9

CONGRATS!!!!!!!!! My daughters name is Chloe, nice name!


Lovedblessings - March 9

Congratulations Gretta! Great to hear you and your little one are doing fine. How is the proud pappa?


babyonboard16 - March 9

Congratulations! Very cute name.


Gretta - March 10

Thanks everyone for all your well wishes!! I am recovering well and hope to go home tomorrow but my BP is still really high in fact higher than before the delivery. Loved! How are you hanging in there? Proud Papa is just that! He really made me proud of him though. I was so sore from the surgery he had to do everything the first few days and he did it all really weel. In fact I think I am still more scared of the baby than he is LOL!!! Good luck to you all!


Gavinsmom - March 11

Hi Gretta! Congrats on your new little angel, Chloe! Enjoy every second with her b/c time flies...can you believe Gavin is already 6 1/2 weeks old and over 10 lbs?! I also had a c-section and am completely was super easy. Glad to hear you are doing well! What a beautiful day for you and Chloe to come home! I took Gavin for his very first walk today! Good luck to you! :) Are you going to post any pics on your myspace page?


Lovedblessings - March 11

Gretta, How wondeful your DH is so supportive.. that makes such a big difference! I bet you can't wait to get home and enjoy being a family. You'll be a great mom! My incision site where my gallbladder removed is giving me a lot of grief. (enough to send me to hospital) IF the pain does not go away I might be induced at 37 weeks. Keep us updated how you are doing. Get loads of rest!


Tracy88 - March 11

Super congrats Gretta! Glad to hear all is well. Just take it easy with that blood pressure!


Gretta - March 12

Well girls - I am still in the hospital becazuse my BP decided to get worse before it got better so I can't go home until its under control. Keeping my fingers crossed for today though! Chloe is doing great though and my insiision is getting better every day! I hope you are all well. Loved - I am so sorry you are not feeling well but you are almost there! Gavin's mom - I cannpt believe he is growing so quick!! Its good to hear you are feeling great! How long before the soreness went away - do you remember?



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