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km - October 3

Is it harmful to the fetus if you eat too much chocolate in pregnancy because of the caffeine? because everytime I eat a choclate bar or have chocolate milk someone is nagging at me saying I shouldn't be. I am 33 wks and have only gained a healthy 15 Im not concerned about weight gain or anything.


Lisa - October 26

I think everything in moderation with a bit of common sense. I'm a cofee lover, every book and doctor tells me 4 cups (not mugs) of coffee a day is the limit, so I keep it to a max of 2. There was a recent study that showed the baby having a positive reaction to chocolate ('chocolate makes baby happy) and babies naturally have a sweet tooth. Just don't overdo it! And remember, you need to think of yourself during pregnancy too - pointless being miserable to follow the so called rules - baby will pick up on that to!


E - October 26

I hate nags. My hubby watches me like a hawk. He says food colorings cause cancer in lab rats, LOL. Big deal!! I know it is true but I don't want such an intense diet. Yellow 5 and Red 40 are my friends. He picks on me if I eat M&M's or Doritos due to the color. "It's my baby too and I want it to be healthy", he says. I say, "then you carry it". He is out of town this week and I bought all sorts of things he wouldn't approve of:) He tried to tell me Cheetoes are radioactive and I laughed my b___t off. At least he has a sense of humor.


christie - November 20

I think that is stupid. Don't you wish everyone would stop giving you unwanted "advice". I do. Anyway I love chocolate and people tell me the same thing. I think as long as you don't eat too much it's fine. I recently read about a study of mom's who ate chocolate and mom's who didn't. The baby's of moms who ate the chocolate were happier and less fussy babies. It goes along with the theory that the happier and less stressed out you are during your pregnancy the less fussy you baby will be. I also have read in many places that it is just fine to have a cup of coffee every once in a while. I'm too paranoid to do that - but don't tell me someone is actually going to eat enough chocolate in one sitting to get as much caffiene as a cup of coffee. Hope this helps.


L - November 20

There is not much caffeine in chocolate so iwouldnt worry.Sometimes nothing else will do but chocolate. The books say eat an apple instead,yeah right! I have my daily cup of java,I dont worry too much.Its not like im smoking crack or chugging back booze or something! I dont think a bit of caffeine everyday is going to hurt anything, so enjoy that chocolate ladies!(it is a subst_tute for s_x isnt it??)


LiaCan - November 21

I have to be honest, if it weren't for chocolate milk then I never would have survived this pregnancy! I'm 32 weeks and I've been going through a gallon of chocolate milk every 3-5 days almost the entire pregnancy. I was lactose intolerant before being pregnant so go figure. My nutritionist just told me that if you are getting sugar somewhere to make sure that you are having as little as possible everywhere else. I suffered with morning sickness on an almost daily basis right up till three weeks ago (fingers crossed) and chocolate milk is the only thing I could find to help it (weird, I know), so it can't be that bad for you!!



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