Christmas Shopping

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AmberNicole - October 27

Has anyone started, yet? Especially the December moms? I think I'm going to start next weekend since it will officially be November, and try to finish by the end of November. I've even thought of getting my tree up earlier than Thanksgiving this year so I can make sure it's all done and my ds doesn't miss out on a thing. What do you think?


emfine99 - October 27

I haven't even thought of it yet lol! Since I'm due the day after Thanksgiving, there will be no black friday shopping for me this year! If I see anyhting in the ads that I want, I'll just have my mom pick it up for me or something. I'll probably do most shopping online this year. My birthday is a week before Christmas, so we usually go to the city and go out to eat and stuff, possibly that day I will go shop a little and get everything that I need to finish up getting. But as for me, I'm trying to stay home with my LO this year during the busy shopping season! :-)


AmberNicole - October 27

I'm have a scheduled c-section Dec 26th, but I had my ds at 36 weeks, and I've already been in the hospital with contractions that had to be stopped, so I'm too unsure about when I'll have this little girl. I just want to be sure I'm prepared. I am worried my son will miss out on something if I don't do it early.


staci - October 27

We've started! We're so worried we won't have the money then that we're getting it all done now for ds(because dd is due on thanksgiving day). We prob. won't do any big shopping for relatives like in the past this year, Just to much. We've already bought our lo a christmas dress and it is to sweet!


staci - October 27

oh and to answer your Q, I would go ahead and start now ;)


sahm2alaj - October 27

Call me insane, but I have already finished ALL of my Christmas shopping! I did it all the 1st week of October. I planned it early on because I just couldn't picture myself in acrowded mall or hour long lines while being so far along (I am due anytime in January) as I tend to go earlier. Anyway I am glad I did because as of Thursday I am on bedrest or as I like to call it 'house arrest'!


missy046 - October 28

I am glad I am not the only one thinking about Christmas. I already started Christmas shopping. I love Christmas time!! I have a scheduled c-section Nov. 30th so I would love to have everything done by then but my gut instinct tells me I won't make it until then.


mrssolo - October 28

I started and I'm trying to finish before I have these babies. I can't imagine trying to shop during the holiday season with two infants and a 9 year old. So whatever I can get done in the next week or so then it online shopping for me. The odctor says I cam go anytime in the next 3-5 week even though I'm due 12/24 so I'm trying to get as much done as possible. The problem is I can barely move already. Plus it is easier to hide the bills from dh during the holidays. well I'm gonna keep trying having some shopping done before the babies come is better that nothing.


Buffi R. - October 29

My husband & I do the black Friday shopping every Thanskgiving, he loves it as much (maybe even more) than I do! I'm due Dec. 26 so I'll be 35 weeks along then and really want to try it. Hopefully it doesn't put me into labor! :-) Our families exchange wish lists on Thanksgiving day each year and I don't think I'll get any of them to provide them early, so I feel like we can't start shopping until then.


AngelinLuv - October 29

I'm a little scared to say but I will try to do Black Friday this year. I'm due Nov 30th, so it'll be a bit tricky. =) As for Christmas shopping, I'm trying to do as much as early as I can.


tish212 - October 29

this is the first year I haven't even started shopping...things r a lot tighter this year since I had to quit working and do modified bedrest... usually I'd have a list with "the perfect gift" ideas written next to each name...but this year dh & I decided we r already giving our family a big gift...(another member) and his mom & dad r super excited about the baby so we might get them small things but nothing extravagent ... since most of our money is going into baby stuff and bills...but I can't wait to start decorating for christmas...its my favorite holiday and its even better since my present this year is my first lil one since I'm due 12-31 but being induced 12-27 it doesn't get much sweeter then that huh? (oh and can't wait for thanksgiving my mom makes the BEST food!)



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