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Mary - January 18

I'm having a baby boy, is it still a tradition to give away cigars??


mel - January 18

I believe so. Even for people that don't's a nice "traditional" keepsake.


Mary - January 18

Are they expensive?? We are don't have a lot of money with all the expenses with the baby..


mel - January 18

not really sure. my husband smokes cigars and the price depends on the quality of the cigar. google it and see what you come up with! :-)


Annette - January 18

If you want to give a NICE cigar (cubans, for example) they can be outrageously expensive, but you can find a wide variety of prices and qualities. Another option you can consider is giving away chocolate cigars, they are way cheaper, healthier option and enviromental- friendly and


Kel - January 18

Search on line for cigars, you may find some bulk ones that are perfect for the occa__sion, perhaps with a "Its a Boy" wrapper or something of that sort.


Mary - January 18

Thanks for your responses, I think I'm going to go with the chocolate cigar option, I hate cigars or cigarrettes.


Heather - January 18

My hubby went to a smokers shop and got the "It's a Girl" cheapies. They are for keepsakes.. not to smoke, so who cares about the tobacco quality? We got a box of 25 for $20.


L - January 18

If you don't want to go the tobacco route, here are a few ideas that my friends have done: See's Candy suckers with a "Its a xxx" sticker; M&M's with "Its a xxx" preprinted (see; chocolate cigars; Hershey chocolate bars that havea special wrapper (eg Its a HERshey) - friend got these from a few years ago.


Annette - January 18

I gave this lollipops away at my babyshower: They are the cutest thing and I was considering buying some more for when baby is born (and of course for all those who didn´t attend the shower, like hubbie´s coworkers) AND getting some good cigars for the grandparents and closest relatives who I know will appreciate them, and chocolate cigars for the rest. I know it is a tradition and don´t want to upset anyone, we all have our opinion, but I think it makes no sense spending money on something people are either going to throw away inmmediatly or leave in a drawer for a couple years... and then throw away.


jb - January 18

We are planning on buying the bubble gum cigars when our little girl arrives. There are 36 in a box and the price varies from $13.00 to $20.00. It all depends on the website. Just type in bubble gum cigars if you are interested.


Angela - January 18

as long as they don't smoke around the baby! :)


sye - January 18

with my first daughter, i have out pink bubblegum cigars.



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