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Steph - September 25

I am so excited that the time has finally come for all of us! Cinshon is very far away from me but yet we have managed to become very close friends. Our due dates are just one week off from one another and today she was induced. I have not yet heard anything else but will post later.......of coarse with her permission!!! :o)


Stephanie - September 26

Its a girl!!! :o)


Bump - September 27



Cinshon - September 28

Hey Steph, just getting ready to email you. so far she's been a good little girl. And I'm very happy and excited to have her.


Stephanie - September 29

Hi Cinshon I got your E-mail and wrote back! Okay now we all want the birth story :o)


jess - September 29

yes- tell us the storey...and CONGRATS CINSHON!!!!!!!!!1


To Cinshon - October 1

I heard your story in the beginning and I'm glad you took the route you did. I know when you look into her eyes, that she was worth it all. Way to go and congrats. Best of luck to you!!


Tiffany - October 2

Yes Cinshon if you could tell us how the inducing was that would be great. I am supposed to be induced on Monday, well tomorrow and I am a little nervous!! Congrats on your precious girl!


Cinshon - October 2

Well I hafta say the inducing was not as bad as with my son, I went in at about 6:30am Sunday Sept.25, after they put in the IV I layed for about an 2-hours, then the doctor came in a broke my water, I hafta say that hurt more than anything and it took him a minute to break it he said it was hard to break, then afterwards they started the pictocin in my IV slowly after I told her the last time I had it the nurse put it in toofast that made the contractions come on fast and hard that felt like I was dying with in 15 minutes, but not the case this time, The nurse would come in and turn it up a little every 30 to 45 min to the point I could bear the contractions until I felt like I needed the epidural,Well I delt with the contractions until I dilated to 4 within a 2 hr period then I got my epidural, then everything was just cloud 9, when I got to 10 it was time to push, the doctor was late so they tried to hold her in but she kept sliding and when he finally made one push and she was out. 6lbs 2oz 19 inch. her name is Jozlynn Celsesteon


Cinshon - October 2

Thanks everyone, and yes I'm glad I made the right decision.



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