Circumcise Or Not

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julie2007 - June 3

hi - i am going to have my son in a few days and we are still in the air about circ_mcision - anyone want to shed light / opinions about their particular views? my pediatrician has pretty much said it's a 50-50 split with babys born now - half do and half don't & it's a personal choice all up to me. so i am just wondering what everyone's thoughts are -- thanks


fefer1 - June 3

well, I think your dr is right about it being 50/50 these days. There have been debates on this board about it in months past - so I hope this one stays nice and no one rips anyone's head off for their views. We are expecting a boy any day now-and will have him circ_mcised. There are people who do it for religious views, those that do it for health reasons (and there are lots of debates on wether or not there are any benefits), some won't do it because they think it can reduce s_xual pleasure although that is up in the air as well. Talk to any man who's been circ_mcised and ask him if he's missing out on anything. :) Probably not. :) And of course some people think it is cruel....I think everyone has a right to their opinion or decision. I personally am going to do it because I know several people who didn't have it done and had lots of infections and problems with their little boys and ended up having them circ_mcised later in life, which was much more traumatic. So...that's my two cents. Good luck!


Whitney - June 3

My son is 3 & we got him circ_msized, we did it because his father felt strongly that he wanted his son to be like him & like fefer1 said - my husband has always find s_x very pleasurable. i also have 3 male friends who needed to get it done in their 20's due to infections ... so that is why we did. We had no problems with son after he had it done, he creid for a few hours that day & was all healed up within days. I am glad we did it, have no regrets, but that is just my opinion. You do whatever is best for you!


newlywed0915 - June 3

while it does seem cruel, we are going to circ_mcise our son as well. I understand it must be painful, but its better he go through it now, rather than when hes older, when it definitely is MUCH MORE traumatic and painful, because he'll remember the pain. Boys usually aren't great about being extra clean anyway. I'd hate to have to bring him to the hospital for circ_mcision in his early teens or something because he's constatnly getting infections because he isn't keeping himself clean...but even if he is, with playing sports and sweating and all, it would be hard enough, I would think.


boodahbaby - June 3

We do not know the s_x of our baby, but we will not circ_mcise if it is a boy, mainly for the reason that it is an unnecessary procedure. I know there are many reasons for and against it and without getting into my beliefs or opinions and just stating that I think it's unnecessary! I do not look down on anyone who gets this done to their son! Everyone has a reason for everything! Best of luck in your decision... also, make sure your insurance covers the procedure! Ours wouldn't cover it if we were to have it done. Strangely enough, they say it is unnecessary as well!? At my hospital we would have had to have the procedure paid for up front as well! Good luck and congrats on the pending arrival on your little one!


kay101 - June 3

My son is a month old and we had him circ_mcized. I won't lie to you, the first day it looks absolutely horrible and I felt aweful about it. It never bothered him at ALL though. By day 3 it looked just fine. My husband is circ_mcized and his younger brother wasn't. He was embarrased by it so had the procedure done when he was 15. I'm sure he'd rather not remember having it done and if they decide to do it when they get older the healing process is much longer and more painful. We never had any debate about whether to do it or not and I don't regret our decision.


bubbasmom - June 3

Hi Julie. My son is now 2 and we did not get him circ_misized because we felt the procedure was unnecessary and my husband promised to show him how to clean it properly when older. Unfortunatey, my son had 4 uti's within a few months (the first at 7 weeks which landed us in the hospital for 5 days). After seeing many specialists, he was circ_msized at 10 months old which was absolutely a horrible few days (coming off the anestesia can take a few days). I am 33 weeks pregnant with another boy and he will absolutely be circ_msized.


krissy2006 - June 4

Just an opinion from the opposite side of the spectrum. My husband is Mexican and is one of 7 brothers (4 sister also) but all of them are uncirc_msized as are most Mexican men born in Mexico. He has NEVER had any problems being uncirc_msized and if we ever have sons they will not be circ_msized either. I agree with boodahbaby that it is an unnecessary procedure, HOWEVER only if the daddy can truly teach his son how to clean himself and maintain good hygiene. If the dad is circ_msized I would say the son should be, and if the dad is not with no problems than there is no reason the son should be. I think it all comes down to cleanliness and keeping good hygiene and having the knowledge to do so. GL to you!


fefer1 - June 4

and on a side note- I know nothing about how to care for a p___s LOL - so I left the decision to my husband. :)


LIN - June 4

My husband is circ_mcised, and our son is not. I just don't see the point. It is totally unnecessary. My twin sister and her husband had their son circ_mcised because his father is, but I really don't understand the point in that. It's not that hard to explain to the child that his father had an unnecessary procedure when he was a baby. He's not going to be scarred just because his and his dad's p___ses look different.


krissy2006 - June 4

The only problem I see with a circ_msized father having an uncirc_msized son is that the dad may not know how to adequately clean beneath the foreskin. I know I myself (never having had a p___s, LOL) didn't know you shouldn't use soap on the head of the p___s if the baby is uncirc_msized, the same way we as women shouldn't stick soap up our hoohas. Obviously though, if dad is well educated and is able to teach his son, all the more power to him!


LIN - June 5

Your hooha comparison brings up a good point. There's really no difference when it comes to hygiene between a v____a and an uncirc_mcised p___s, but we wouldn't think of sewing the v____a shut, so why cut the foreskin off? You'll hear lots of stories about uncirc_mcised p___ses and problems just like there are lots of women who are plagued with yeast and bacterial infections. Fortunately, they're in the minority (even more so for foreskin problems), and most people have no problems at all.


melissap - June 5

We have 3 boys and none area circ_msized. Actually where I live in Canada, it is considered an elective procedure that you have to pay for. I really didn't see the need and my husband is not. Our oldest did have an infection last year at the age of 5 but we were very dilligent in cleaning and treating with the directions of our doc and have never had a problem again. Again it is personal choice. I just wasn't shelling out for something that is not necessary.



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