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Mistee - June 18

I am having a boy and had always believed in getting him circ_mcised. Well my boyfriend the father is uncirc_mcised and does not want the baby to be. Since the risk and benefits of having it done as so low there is now way I can get him to agree with me. He sees it as why cut the baby for no reason. I would like to and before I leave the hospital when I have the baby he can be circ_mcised. What are your feelings on it? Do you think I should not have it done because it's his request or stick to what I want for my baby?


Jbear - June 18

Have you asked him why he doesn't want it done? It might be that he wants his son to look like him, or it might be that he especially likes having a foreskin, and thinks his son should keep his, too. My husband is not circ_mcised, (he thinks his parents were too cheap to have it done, but that's just nuts) and he said he wanted his son to be circ_mcised, so that when the baby grew up he would know we'd done everything right for him. But I won't have it done...before I got married, I tried out both kinds, and the uncirucmcised ones seemed to have more feeling. So I wouldn't want to take that away from my child. If he grows up and wants it done, he can always have it done, but if he grows up and wants his foreskin back, there's no way to fix it. You'll find that a lot of people have really strong opinions about it, and you have to make your own decision, but do consider your boyfriend's opinion. He should have equal input into what you decide, because it's his son too.


veiled - June 18

Ask yourself why YOU want it done? Is it for the "look"? Really, according to the AAP and many other reputable health organizations, it is NOT necessary. To do it would really only be having cosmetic surgery on your baby. The foreskin has uses, and high nerve density. Why would you deprive your son of this? It's not harder to take care of. The foreskin retracts naturally around the ages of 2-4 and requires no extra care as an infant. In fact, it's less care than caring for a circ_mcision wound.If there is no medical reason to do it, and the foreskin has purposes, the circ_mcision is painful, why have it done? 80% of males worldwide are NOT circ_mcised. 45% of males in the US are no longer being circ_mcised, and it's going up. Your son will not stand out as an oddball for not being circ_mcised. He may just be perfectly happy for you leaving him perfect, the way he was born to you.


Melissa - June 18

I dated a guy in highschool who was circ_msized and we were very close, good friends first. Anyways, we could talk to each other about anything. While we were going out, he would always get up and leave when we would start to get hot and heavy. Finally when we talked about it, he told me that it is quite painful for him to have a full erection due the the circ_mcision that he had as a baby. In his case, they took a little too much off i guess and he said it just feels so tight when he gets an erection .Hes been to the doctors numerous times about this, and there is nothing they can do. I say dont get the circ_mcision. If your som wants it later, he can make the choice. Can undo it once its done, why risk causing your som a lifetime of s_xual discomfort??? I know my friends case is not the case for everyone, but would you want to chance it??? I would not


Kara - June 20

I've been through this too. My husband is circ_mcised (and has never had any probs btw) so i was going to get my son circ_mcised so that he is the same, but i did a lot of research and there are things that can occasionally go wrong like Melissa mentioned, and as doctors have revised their original opinion that it is beneficial and now say that it doesn't matter one way or the other I have decided not to, as it is unnecessary.(By the way, circ_mcision does Not reduce sensitivity in the p___s unless it was a botched job! that is a myth) But this is an intensely personal issue, don't let people tell you you should circ_mcise him, and don't listen to people who say it's cruel and don't do it - ( doctors do use anaesthetic after all) because it is really only up to you, and after all, who besides you and your son's future girlfriend/wife are going to know and therefore care! You need to make your own decision on this. :-)


KH - June 21

there's a very nice section in a book that I no longer have that explained why one shouldn't circ_mcise. There are oil glands that keep the p___s clean and sanitary. I just think it's there for a reason.


Staci - June 23

Our first baby is due in Sept, and we are having this circ_mcision issue now. My husband doesnt want to do it and the more he researches it, he finds that more kids now are not "cut". However, I really want to do it and get it over with, because I think it will be worse for him later if he is the only one ofhis friends not done. I dont know what to do and my hubby is impossible to convince. Our doctor doesnt feel its necessary, so trying that route of having the dr talk him into it failed miserably. I am really having a hard time with this one, because its so controvercial nowadays. He says its an unnecessary surgical procedure and could damage healthy nerve endings, and that it isnt needed. I think he will prefer it in life, and its much easier to keep clean.


robin - June 23

I say do it b/c I have herd that it can keep down bacteria and infection better because it has now where to hide


playitagainsam - June 24

Technically, Robin's right. A circ'd p___s is easier to keep clean, but I suppose the same would be true of your child's mouth if you pulled all his teeth :) (kidding, kidding) I've known two men who were not circ'd who chose to have it done as adults. One regretted the decision later, one did not. Neither claimed the surgery to be unreasonably painful or awful. So, I feel like it's best to leave a kid intact and let him decide later. If he hits puberty and really wants it done, get it done. But why make an irreparable decision so young? Funny, being a Jew my dh just a__sumed I'd be pro-circ, and that's he'd have to convince me otherwise :) Well he didn't. And it turns out we're having another girl anyways...



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