Close To 39 Weeks And Not Seeing Feeling Any Signs

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Jenn2 - May 29

I am 38 weeks and 4 far I have not had any signs of impending labor. I am a first time mom, but I just figured I could not be more than 2 or 3 weeks away from labor, and I really dont feel any different besides that my belly is getting heavier from babys weight gain. I really dont get any more frequent BH's than I did several weeks ago. I am still walking daily and feel just fine. For anyone who has read my other doctor has not checked for dialation or effacement yet, so I dont know how far along I am in that department. anyone else in the same boat as far as not seeing any labor signs?


mejjohnson - May 29

Hi Jenn2, I am a first time mom as well, and currently 41 weeks and 3 days and still showing no sign of labor. More then likely you will probably go past your due date, most first time moms have their babies after their due date. I am 2 cm dilated and effaced I think like 70% and I still show NO signs of labor. My doctor is inducing on Friday if he doesn't come on his own this week. Good luck to an "on time" delivery, I wish I could have had one! :)


eli83 - May 29

That's exactly happening to me. I'm 38 weeks and 5 days and no sign of anything, no braxton hicks, no pelvic pain, no pinkish discharge, nothing. except the baby's getting big and bigger and . my last visit was on Wednesday, which my doc told me my cervix hasn't opened yet and I am not going to labor this week. I don't know how long more should I wait for my baby to come. I am counting hours for this baby to come. hopefully we will see our babies in two weeks.


krista-lee - May 29

im 40w3d still no labor signs for me : [


lori - May 29

Hi Jenn2, you are not alone. I am 41 weeks and have not had any signs yet. I have never even felt a BH contraction (though I know I probably have them, and just don't feel them). This is my first and my Dr. said that it is normal for first time moms to go past their due date, though I don't wish that for you. We will be talking about the inducing if I reach 42 weeks. I don't want to induce though, your chances of having a c-section are much higher because your body isn't ready. mejjohnson - sounds like we are in the same boat I hope your baby comes before Friday.


lindsay - May 29

i hear ya, Jenn2-- fortunately for me , i'll have my first internal at my 39 week exam tomorrow, so at least i'll see if ANYTHING is going on (not that it means much!) the only time my b/h's increase is if i am walking/cleaning/shopping, but i barely ever have them w/ this pregnancy unless i am being active. i was hoping that i would go by my due date on my own this time (was induced at 41w1d w/ my last) since this is my second time around! i am afraid my doc will schedule my induction tomorrow though b/c he doesn't want me to go past my due date w/ my placental condition... oh, well , whatever is best for my baby!! but hey, maybe we'll be lucky and just go into labor right when we're due!!!


Mommy_Erin23 - May 29

Hang in there ladies :) with my first born I was right at my due date and felt nothing. I lost my plug and started a confusing labor that I didn't know was labor and had my babe, all in two days.



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