Close To Labor Labor Signs

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StarMarie - January 11

I am 38 weeks and 75% eff and at 2-3cm and the last 2 days I have gotten no sleep because my stomach is getting so tight and then last night I found out what a mucas plug is haha..this is my 4th but I have never gone into labor or opened up at all on my own b4,,any one tell me if its getting close?


kerrie - January 11

yes it sounds like labour to me , how far apart are ur tightning? and becareful as u can speed up very fast with other babys , if u are haveing the tightnings reg then i would make sure u time them and get in touch with ur delivery siut cos u could be givein birth sortly but on the other hand u could still go a few days but as u are 2-3 cm and if u are not havin reg contractions u can het ya dr or midwife to sweep ya membranes to get things movin good luck .


StarMarie - January 11

My stomach is staying tight almost all the time but more of an ouch tight every 15 minutes or ob had told me at my amnio this week if I had contracs that start in my back to far it just feels like a ton of presure and something wraped around my belly way to tight


kerrie - January 13

starmarie have u had anytype of back pain atall like period pains or just a dull ache cos these to can be due to labour wen ur tightning become more reg and uncomftable then u know labour is deffo here and call ya del suit or doc which even u are ment to do but it does sould like u are getting ready as am i u are having the same things as me , were u feeling the pressure ? in bottom ,back or v____a ? im getting it in all which is the baby puching down it happens more with each braxtion hick ie contraction evry women is differant so u could just be in slow labour like me then again u could just be getting ready to kick off , i would keep a track of the tightenings and time them how far apart and how long they last also keep and eye on any type of back pain or presure . how many weeks r u now ? let me know luv kez



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