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plumcake - January 4

Hi Guys, I just wanted to know that diapers cloth diapers how good they are and the purpose that they solve ,how to use and which brand and how helpful it is?


Nemo - January 4

Im going to consider the fitted cloth nappies/diapers - the ones that fasten with poppers... I too have been trying to get feedback on these... so will be watching this thread!


britt_m - January 4

Hi, you could try posting on the infant or toddler forum, maybe you would get more feedback there. I used cloth diapers for a while. I bought mostly fitted ones and used covers. Then I made what I needed after my dd outgrew the newborn ones. I guess disposable diapers have chemicals in them some of which have been linked to cancer, using cloth is more enviromentally friendly depending on how you wash and dry them, and it can save you around 3000? depending on when you potty-train. Also cloth diapered little ones are known to potty-train a good deal earlier as well as they can feel uncomfortable when wet. You do need to change them not long after they go as the diapers don't pull moisture far from the skin, so many cloth diapered lo's don't experience as much or as bad of rashes. Changing them that fequently should definately be done anyways, as is recommended by the AAP. I'll check around for the website I found this info on a while back, I'll try and post again tomorrow. Good luck.


tynadu - January 18

I plan to use the Gerber cloth diapers with cloth covers. I have found patterns that can be used to turn them into the fitted kind and/or all-in-ones. You can also sew a back on them to make them more stylish....... My main reason for using them is to do my part in keeping the earth clean. And it doesn't hurt that I will save a lot of money as well.


Astra - January 18

I have looked into gDiapers which have a cloth coponent and a flushable component which is biodegradable and completely earth friendly. It seems like a fantastic compromise. I have also looked online at bumgenius, which has an all in one cloth diaper, it already has the leak proof cover and looks pretty easy to use.


jennifer_33106 - January 18

I have ben thinking about cloth diapers too but i dont know all that you need for them. I heard that if I decided to get thm them I would have to use rubber pants?


melissap - January 19

There are many different types of cloth diapers. AIO's which have the rubber pants already on them,prefold diapers-need rubber pants, flats, pockets(iam not familiar with) lots of different names. I use Kushies AIO's (I don't like b/c they take forever to dry) Kushies flannel prefolds with Kushies rubber pants and Gerber birds eye prefolds. my prefolds require pins and I use extra flannel insert with the birds eye and flushable liners with all. I live in Canada and the choices where I live are very limited. I bought the birds eye at Babies R US in the US and they were about $1.00 per diaper. I find that they are very cost effective as this is my 3rd. I usually wash them every other day and I wash with borax soap and scrub with sunlight bar soap. Check out Cafe Mom..they have an excellent cloth diaper group that is very knowledgable. Good luck.


jodie - January 25

Hey Plumcake my ds is 6 months and I have been using Fuzzi Bunz. I loooove them! They are a cloth diaper that you can wash in your own washing machine. You can google them and there is a website for them. I have had no leakage issues or anything with them. There are tons of colors and they are sooo cozy! Goodluck!!



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