Cloth Diapers Or Disposables

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Samantha - January 16

Im curious which one do u prefer to go with cloth diapers or disposables? Why? I think I'll go with cloth diapers because its going to save me a lot of money. I did very little research on it and I found out the cloth diapers can save you two thousand dollars ( if you continue buying disposables till your child is 3 years old or younger). Let me know what do u think...


Ca__sie - January 16

I'm going with disposable diapers. In general I go with anything that will save money but I feel like cloth diapers are so much extra effort that it's not worth it for me... if I was staying at home I might really consider it but I'm willing to pay the price for disposables just for the conveniance (sp?)


Girl Gilly - January 16

I plan to use cloth. I have been doing some research on what kind I want. So far I have a sample from Motherease and Kushies. Any suggestions from people who have used cloth would help. I have heard that the all in one are not so great as they eventually break down. For the first week or two I will use disposables as the baby tends to have nasty poo's and others who have used cloth recommend it as the baby goes through so many diapers. I will likely use dispsosables if we are travelling but for everyday use I am happy to use cloth. I would love to hear from others on what they have used in terms of cloth.


Kendra - January 16

I'm going disposable. The cloth ones, you really are going to have to spend some extra time with - unless you will use a cleaning service, in which case, it's not really saving you money.


JennyC - January 16

Samantha, I've done a lot or research on this and the stuff I read said that it really turns out to cost about the same. Cloth diapers and the covers are either pretty cheap but you end up replacing them a lot, or the good quality ones are pretty expensive (up to $10/diaper). and then factor in the water and electricity to wash them all them. I think its only a serious cost savings if you use them for more than one kid. All that sounds pretty negative, but I was still planning on using cloth until we ended up in an apartment without a washer or dryer. It would be way to expensive for me to pay for the laudromat all the time. A few other negatives are the smell in your diaper pail, its supposed to be MUCH worse than disposables. I think there are more leaks with cloth, and you have to empty each poopy diaper to the toilet first, then drop it in the pail. All that said, the environmental impact was going to be enough for me to at least try it, until we got stuck in the apartment. I think that even if you use cloth, its recommended to have disposables on hand for night (baby sleeps better because they keep her drier) and for travelling. I hope all that didn't scare you away, I just wanted to share what I found out when I was researching. I think most companies have a trial set you can get that come with 1-2 diapers and covers for like $20 so you can see if you like them. And keep in mind that I've never actually used them, so take everything I have to say with a grain of salt. good luck!


Samantha - January 16

I dont mind doing the extra work. I will stay home all time, and I plan to train her earlier than 1 yr old. I just want to give it a try. I used disposables with my first. I decided to try cloth diapers with 2nd. It wouldnt hurt if I give it a try. Maybe I'll ended up liking doing this. Yeah, I agree with Girl Gilly- I'll use disposable ones for first few weeks since the baby will poop n pee a lot.. I guess i'll start using them when my baby's 2 months old.


Ginny - January 16

It can be expensive if you go for the super nice ones that look like a disposable diaper, and buy the tailored fleece covers, but I'm going to use the regular old Diaper Service Prefolds that are flat with that thick layer in the middle, and I found Gerber velcro covers at Big Lots for 2 bucks a piece. And since alot of people knew I was going to use cloth, I recieved them as a gift. So I already have 3 dozen that didn't cost me a dime. I stayed with an aunt while she was cloth diapering her son, and if you just develop a routine of washing the diapers regularly, you don't have a smelly home, and it's not a huge chore. I am going to work part time, so we'll only use cloth when I am at home, but it will still help. I guess I don't get as worked up about it as some people, because I have done it before, and it wasn't that overwhelming. Also, most babies do not get diaper rash as badly as with disposables, so you wouldn't have to purchase those products. And I am going to use cloth wipes, as well, which saves alot of $. I don't like the disposable wipes anyway because they are so harsh on irritated skin. But as new mothers, it's like any other choice - it needs to suit you and your family.


JennyC - January 16

Ginny - its good to hear that its definitely do-able from someone who has done it and not just negative things from the books. Maybe when we get out of the apartment, I'll try the cloth. I'm actually surprised to find anybody else interested in cloth - most people laugh at me when I mention it. They roll their eyes like there's no way I'll stick with it. Good for you and thanks for the inspiration!


Girl Gilly - January 16

One word of warning for cloth diapers, not from me, but from a mom who used them. She had heard that drying them on the line in the sun was effective, but when she did it they dried so stiff they were like cardboard! Kinda funny now, but I am sure she wasn't laughing at the time! I think if you dry them a bit first and then let them finish in the sun it might be better. In terms of the mess, you can pick up diposable liners that come looking like a roll of toilet paper. I don't know how effective they are however. I know that cloth will result in a little more work than disposables but I am willing to do the work. Luckily, I live in Canada and am elegible for a year's maternity leave so I will not be juggling work in with laundry. I have noticed that on e-bay there are lots of used diapers for sale if anyone is looking to save $$. Apparently, used ones work better for absorbency compared to brand new ones.


Confused - January 16

Cloth diapers are definitely cheaper. Besides, while I've heard that disposables have changed over the years, thus not causing rashes like they once did, I still plan to use cloth diapers just as I did when my first four children (ages ranging from 23 yrs. to 17 yrs.) were little. (Actually, I'll be reusing the diapers I once used on them!!!) I'm expecting my fifth child in a month, and plan to use disposables during the first month (when cloth diapers are too big for baby), or on a few occasions when traveling. Otherwise, I didn't find cloth diapers to be horrific. Sure, they can get soiled, but if you have a diaper pail (I bought an empty 5-gal. pickle pail for $1 from a restaurant because I couldn't find a diaper pail anywhere), fill it with some soapy water and let the diapers soak in it. I don't think it takes any more work to wash the diapers than it does to empty the garbage a dozen times. When it comes to drying, I'll either use the dryer (with the regular clothes) or hang them outside to dry (I had to chuckle, when reading the part about the diapers getting stiff...I had that happen a few times, but it's not the end of the planet for the baby). Just be sure to use a mild detergent for diapers AND baby's clothing. Typically, Ivory or Dreft were recommended.


Angie - January 16

You have a kid that is 23 and you're about to have a baby?! That's wild.


Angela - January 16

Unlike what some people have said on here, cloth diapers are not bad at all. Contrary to being "so 1950s" clotht is what has been used for 100s of years and with fine results. There are diaper services that will collect them for you if you don't want to wash them. They are bettter for baby's skin and far better for the earth. Good luck!


Shawna - January 17

I'd love to use cloth (at least when at home), but the choices seem overwhelming! Does anyone know of a website that has comparisons of various brands, or testimonials and customer comments?


Ginny - January 18

Shawna, go to They have reviews on almost everything involving dipaers. And thanks JennyC! I cannot imagine trying to do it without a washer or dryer, you're right. And good luck getting out of the apartment! It's good to hear that other people are considering it, I was beginning to think that I was alone! I try not to bring it up now, because people have acted like I was insane! One of my friends (childless friend) actually said, "You'll never last! Just wait and see! You'll give up and use disposables." I just told her that if I did give up, it wasn't a big deal! Holy cow, it's not like I'm on a crusade, I've just made a personal decision that I think will fit into my life style. I think that I've had more controversy from that topic than I have over b___st milk versus formula! Anyway, I would say that even if you're just curious, it's worth looking into.


climbergirl - January 18

Cloth diapers are no more work than bottle feeding and many of you do that. I use them and they are great. the 'Poo Pockets' Pattern is easy to follow. I've made dozens of them and just use either a gortex (waterproof breathable) pant over top or make them with that gortex layer integrated. They are just like the 'Kushies' ones that you buy, but if you get your flannalette on sale and can sew even a little you are good to go. Some say that by the time you consider the electric and water to wash them that they are not cheaper..but lets not think about money... what about the environment? the waste that is made by the factories who make the disposable diapers and the waste created by throwing them out. Sheesh! Cloth is the way to go. it is good for baby and good for your conscience! Cleaning is a breeze! Pee diapers are a simple rinse in the toilet then into the diaper pail.. the poopy ones...wipe mess into toilet, flush. rinse messy diaper in toilet, flush, put diaper in diaper pail in tub with 'Oxyclean baby' over night, then dump it all into your washer, spin it out. Then do a normal baby wash with double rinse. I personally love them. you just have to not be lazy to deal with it all.


Ashley N - January 19

Well, I thought I would add my two cents! I'm going disposables but it is tempting to go cloth and try to save money. I'll be a stay-at-home mom, so I would have the time, BUT hubby really wants to go disposable. He is very willing to change diapers but I'm thinking that would change if I decided to go cloth! I do think it would be easier, too. So while we are being quite frugal with our first child due in March, disposable diapers are going to be our one splurge. I mean, I have the crib I used as a baby, plastic containers full of clothes for both boy/girl that have been given to us, b___st feeding, ect. Plus I have been told that my MIL gives a plastic bag full of diapers at all baby showers! There is one branch of cousins that uses cloth and they all say you just have to get in a routine and it's easy to use cloth. Lol, I'm going to make all my baby food at home and they don't, so everybody is just different! :)


Ginny - January 19

Hey, Ashley N. - I'm making my own baby food too! At first my husband was unbelieving, until I said, "How do you think they make the baby food that goes in jars?" "I guess they just mash up vegetables and fruit." "Bingo."



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