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nichel - March 6

i am 33 wks pregnant w/ a crack cocaine addiction. i have not used in 2 weeks. not much chance of having a healthy/normal child is there?


Kristi - March 6

I take it you've had no prenatal care either? See a doctor TODAY & tell them what you've told us.


mel - March 6

please talk to a doctor, right away. I'm not going to judge you, please just talk to someone and try your absolute hardest to stop. the more time you can go without doing it.....the more of a fighting chance your baby will have.


Katie - March 6

I don't think this is real. It can't be but if it is I feel real sorry for that child.


Erin - March 6

You have got to be kidding me. I agree with Katie this can't be real. If it is though I hope that your mom did the same thing to you nichel cause that is the most selfish thing I've ever heard. Being that far along with that kind of problem if you even thought once about this childs well being you would have gotten help immediatly. This child would be better off without you.


to Nichel - March 6

I don't know why people are commenting that this post isn't real... Anyway, I know a woman who used from about month 3 through month 7, & her baby came out alright. I am not condoning the use of ANY addictive chemical substance (whether prescribed, legal, or not), & there certainly are crack-addicted newborns. I honestly don't know how her baby did it. But I'd say better stopping now than never. I do feel bad for your child, but bad for you too. I'm sure you're not a monster. My brother was addicted to heroin until over two years ago, & he's certainly a good person without that stuff turning him into Mr. Hyde. Keep up your abstinence! I pray for a healthy baby for you, & for you to have the overall health to take care of him/her.


Amy - March 6

First of all, to katie and erin, you are not the one to judge. God is everyones one and only judge. And nichel, You do sound like you care about your child. I would talk with the doctor. They may be able to help you to quit, if that is infact what you want to do. If you really want to quit, you will be able to. It will be hard. Just like trying to quit smoking. But as to the posts i do not agree with, the ones who judge, and you will probably get some more judging in here. Just pay no mind to them. they are not the ones to judge you. God is your judge. Remember that ok? Also, I wish the best for you and your baby. Do you know what you are having? I am 33 weeks, having a girl. And I may not be a cocaine addict or anything like that but i do smoke cigarettes. I have cut back though. One other thing I want to mention, I know someone that smoked pot with both of her pregnancies, and both children are great. Spoiled, but great lol. ( I am not wanting to encourage doing that stuff in pregnancy though) Anyhow, keep us posted on how you are doing ok? hope everything goes good for you and your baby.:):):)


Mommy - March 6

This is one of the things I can't give support to. Have you ever seen an addicted baby? Think adults having withdrawls with the vomitting and seizures and over-all sick feeling, and now imagine it being a poor, helpless baby. I would rather this be a fake post, because anyone who can do drugs while pregnant doesn't deserve kids. It is one thing thto miss a vitamin, but a whole other thing to do dangerous things while pregnant. God is the only one who can judge, and I think he cries to see an innocent baby go through pain and suffering at the hand of the parents. That is like abuse to me.


to Mommy - March 6

We're not supporting drug use. But implying that this woman is an (intentionally) abusive sort without even knowing her or her entire life situation is still ignorant. How do you know how hard it is for her, or how hard she may be trying, or why or how she even got started in the first place?


Mary - March 6

Lets not start argueing with each other. Lets just stick to the original post and try and help her and at least help answer her question. Nichel, there is a chance of having a healthy baby. It is important that you stay sober so your baby isn't addicted when born. Most likely, your baby will be very underweight. It might have some internal problems that ultrasounds don't pick up. But no matter what, keep loving your baby and do everything you can to be a great mother. Good luck to you!


Erin - March 7

To Amy and Nichel- mommy is right have you ever seen an adicted baby? It's very sad and Amy thats fine you smoke but dont come here and cut us down on our opinions. I had a friend who smoked cigarettes and smoked pot during pregnancy and yeah her baby was fine but would cry alot. Why well because her daughter had the craving for those two things (ofcourse she had no clue) but when your pregnant and your body is addicted to something so is your baby. You know how it is to crave a smoke when you cant have one- sucks right? Imagine a helpless baby crying not knowing what it needs but feedings and changings aren't it. And yeah they may be born healthy but what about when they get older and go to school. Things like drugs can affect a child from learning too. Im just sayin I'm sure nichel cares for her baby but she chose 33 weeks to start worring it should have been as soon as she found out that she was pregenant and went and got some help. Lord knows that there is so much help out there for people with this problem.


mel - March 7

I see similar posts like this every now and then on this forum and think they may not be real. but I know that I would rather it not be real and know that I offered sympathetic and encouraging advise as though it were real (after all, words aren't costing me one penny) than to know it WAS real and I just bashed that person as though it were fake. just my opinion though.


Preggo - March 7

Nichel.. if your really concerned, this forum is not the place for this matter . No one here can help you. All anyone will do here is put you down or stroke your spirit to rid you of your guilt. (I only say guilt because you wouldn't even be asking this question unless you knew it was wrong for your baby) You need to go to the health department or local drug support group and a doctor (even emergency room if necessary )in your area ..TODAY. I'm not putting you down. This is just the honest truth. I wish housewives sitting at home infront of their computers had more insight into our own wombs much less other's wombs but we don't. I don't care how many women new someboby that did heron,meth, speed, and smoked weed all at once during their whole pregnancy and their baby came out 10pds and smarter that Einstein. Every case is different. I wish the very best and all my hopes and best wish go out to you and your baby's future. The best of luck to you and us all :-)!


??? - March 7

nichel, why did you wait until now (33wks) to ask any questions? I've seen drug addicted newborns going through the throes of withdrawal and it's not a pretty sight OR SOUND. Apparently it's worse for the baby to give up at this stage in pregnancy because of the high level of addiction and withdrawing now would more than likely kill it. That's why they wait til it's born and can give interventions to help it cope ie more bloody drugs. These babes must have pickled livers. Hopefully this isn't real, because it makes me ill to think that there are sooo many infertile people out there who would do ANYTHING for a child.......


Mommy - March 7 addicted_090102.jsp


Noodle - March 8

FIRST OFF, i want to say well done. it must be hard to have not used in two weeks. As with smoking, the sooner you stop using the better for your child. you can have scans which can show whether there is any obvious damage to your child. unfortunately research shows that mothers who use drugs during their pregnancy produce children who are likely to grow up and use drugs themselves. i think its a wonderful thing that you havent used in two weeks, and im completely horrifyed at some of the comments on this forum. People dont lay heavily into smokers during their pregnancy like they have here. Unfortunately i dont know the answer to your question, only a doctor/ obstetrician will be able to help you answer that. but dont worry, you wont be looked down upon, they are there to help, and you have stopped using, which is a remarkable step, plus admitting your problem. i wish you a huge amount of luck and hope that everything is ok for you. i do advise you see a doctor to talk everything through.


To Mommy - March 8

THANK YOU!!!!! Thank you for being straight up and for making people see that sometimes tough medicine is better way to make someone open their eyes about what they are doing. I had a friend in high school who's mother smoked weed daily and occa__sionally did cocaine. She did this stuff while she was pregnant with my friend. My friend was born under weight and had jaundance. Physically she turned out ok. Mentally she was so confused and had a messed up childhood that still effects everything she does to this day (31 years later). If her experiences taught her anything it was to never touch drugs. I know we're going get flack for posting stuff like this, but it's better to be honest with people so that they get help instead of telling them that everything is going to be ok. Mommy- you should be proud of yourself and what you have done with your life considering what sounds like a miserable childhood.



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