Coloration On Tongue

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Swtpea - October 27

About three or four days ago while brushing my teeth I noticed I had a LARGE area covered in black! I tried to think rationally, and figured I had ate something that dyed my tongue. I forgot all about it the next day... the third day in the morning it was light, but pretty much gone. And again today... as i was brushing before heading out there was about a quarter sized black mark in the middle towards the back of my tongue. Reviewing everythign I had ate... Cup of Noodles, Cereal, Milk, Lemonade, and some Gold fish crackers, I dont think any of that would leave my tongue black. I tried scrubbing with my toothbrush, and it doesnt appear to come off or the fact of when I spit... there's nothing in that either. Anyone have experienced this or have any suggestions. I called a friend and she said when she took a lot of Pepto (for heartburn) she had black all over her tongue and the doctor said it was normal. I only use Zantac once at night and once around noon, and tums or rolaids if i need them in between. ?? *shrugs* any thoughts ??


Christine - October 27

Swtpea - I was going to ask about the pepto or tums/rolaids. I have a friend that had taken something right before they had gone to sleep and had drank a coke from McDonalds and woke up with her teeth/tongue black. It took us a while to figure it out becuase she was freaken out! Anyway - I believe it would be the antacids that is causing this since you say you do take them and it happened to your friend and mine. Sorry couldn't be much help though!


Michele - October 27

I am a second year dental student, and it sounds like you might have Black Hairy Tongue syndrome. It is not as bad as it sounds. It is caused by an overgrowth of your papilla on your tongue. They become long and can be stained by whatever you eat or drink. I think the only treatment it to pay careful attention to brushing your entire tongue and eventually the overgrowth will cure itself. Anyway, I am not sure and you should ask your doctor, but in the meantime you might want to research Hairy Tongue syndrome on the web. Good Luck, M



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