Come On Little One Wake Up

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ali - January 3

This mite sound cruel but i just love watching my little one kick me and move around, so i sometines wake her up. i know i this is cruel but i just prod my belly or play loud music and things like that just to wake her up so i can watch my belly move. especially in the bath. anyone else do the same? x


Mandi - January 3

I find myself doing this most in the bath (funny how that works). I find that the warm bath water stimulates him. I really enjoy our quiet time together, and often I will call my bf in to watch all of the excitement. I think he feels so detached sometimes, so every little movement that I can let him experience puts a new smile on his face.


Michelle - January 3

you are not alone!! I think it is one of the best parts of pregnancy! I even stick my tummy on my hubby's back so he can feel it too.


mel - January 3

I don't think it's cruel. this is my 2nd and I consider it "pre-paybacks" for all the times s/he will be waking me up! hehe. Isn't it wonderful watching your belly roll around though?


JennyC - January 3

you're not alone, no matter how cruel! I worry if I haven't felt her in a while, so I try to wake her up sometimes. And I noticed last night that she was much more active in the tub! My husband yells at me (not seriously) for poking at her, but I just tell him that she poked first! In fact, my mom confessed to waking up my oldest sister when she was a baby because she wanted to play with her. I guess the feeling keeps going, even after they're born! Enjoy your bellies, ladies!


Beth - January 3

I know it's fun to watch (not to mention rea__suring) - but my dr. told me that that really can start them off for bad sleeping patterns. While in the womb, they have a sleep cycle just like we do, and they need that time! So I guess go ahead....if you don't mind throwing them off schedule, and possibly dealing with a fussy baby when they get here!


bean - January 3

Don't forget that when babies sleep is when they greatest amount of brain development happens. They need their rest to grow! If they're being woken up too often, they may not get all the much-needed down time they need. Once in a while I guess is fine... but I suggest not making a habit of it.


gg - January 3

Yeah, if I feel that I haven't felt the baby enough I will shake my belly and say "Wake up". My husband thinks I am crazy! Over Christmas I was sick and was pretty quiet so I noticed the baby moving a lot. Once my husband pushed back against it and he swore the baby kicked him. He was a little weirded out by it. He keeps trying though as much as it freaks him out that there is something living inside me! Like some of you have mentioned I notice the baby moving when I am in the bath. I like to see the water ripple. I am at 28 weeks and am looking forward to being able to identify body parts - has anybody been able to identify different parts of the baby?


Monkeyluv - January 3

I wake mine up when she doesnt move much... it scares me! Or I get in the shower (I dont like baths), she does get more active becasue of the warmth!



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