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playitagainsam - June 22

I am 38 w pg, and just happened upon this site in my travails to find information on early labor signs... I participate in a few bulletin boards, mostly for natural childbirth, etc., but am always looking for new supportive communities... After having spent 15 minutes or so perusing this site, I have to say that I've never seen a nastier, more bitter, more abusive group of women than those who post here. Why anyone would come here to receive support and guidance is a complete mystery. You should be ashamed of yourselves. No need to respond to this post. I won't be returning to check... Good luck to your children.


anne - June 22

that's weird, everyone here is supportive.


leslie - June 22

she is kind of pschyco....anyway going back to my reading! :) ( I actually thought it was going to be a nice comment..)


anne - June 22

yes, so did i lol! i didn't expect to be called nasty and bitter


LOL - June 22

Which posts are she talking about? I haven't seen any negative ones in 3rd trimester!?!?!?


monica - June 22

I think if there are any nasty post they are at the General pregnancy questons. but I never felt anyone was mean or nasty on the third trimester either.


Kristin - June 22

I dont think its simply "nasty", its simply people voicing their opinions and its quite ofbvious this "playitagainsam" poster cant take others comments. We are all human and this is a public forum, i have been slammed numerous times for asking stupid question, but i just choose to hit the poor taste b___ton and go on with my day. Obviously this person cant handle the truth!


robin - June 22

that lady needs a life


playitagainsam - June 22

Now, see, I said I wouldn't come back, and here I am. Shame on me! As far as the commentary that I "should get a life," you got me there. For an active professional like myself, it is difficult to settle for sc___pbooking and gardening when the computer is so readily available--I'll work on that. Nevertheless, I thought I'd provide you with a few examples of this board's supportive nature because, well, it's raining outside and most of my hobbies are 3rd-tri inappropriate. So I guess you could say my "life" is on hold :) **Sole response by Rachel to post from frightened woman who just found out she was 5 months pg: --so why are you posting in the 3rd trimester forum? **Responses by numerous posters to an albeit less-than-fully mature 16 year old who suspected she might be pregnant: --Joann, you are so immature! Alison is right, you are too young to be getting pregnant. And, someone who has half a brain wouldn't waste so much time writing all her symptoms down when all you have to do is get a preg. test. This site is for mature women, not babies. Get a life! --Joann, maybe you could learn a little English and not write like you are a kindergarden student...oh yeah, I almost forgot, you pretty much ARE a kindergarden student. **My personal favorite; in response to a discussion about checking one’s own cervix during late 3rd trimester: --I wonder about these pregnant women some times and the poor babies who have to come into their world Don't get me wrong, there were lots of posts that weren't this vile. However, all three of these examples took place in a week's time. So forgive me if I don't feel too awful "psychotic"... Okay, off to greener pastures. I could say I won't check back, but chances are good I'd be lying :)


anne - June 22

play - why don't you just hang out with us, we aren't interested in slagging eachother. I came to this site maybe 3 weeks ago or so and haven't had any problems thusfar. I know it's easy to focus on the negative posts, but why not chat to those who aren't doing that? Highlighting the negative posts you've seen only encourage them and give them credit for nothing. It's really a waste of time. So you're 38 weeks, bet you're excited. you mentioned that you plan a natural childbirth, so am i. Are you using a midwife or do you just plan to go to a birth centre?


playitagainsam - June 22

Anne: That's fair, and probably wise advice. We are planning a home birth, actually. First dd was hospital birth, 10 lbs, no complications, no tearing, but lots of "little" unnecessary interventions that just frustrated the hell out of me. So, we decided we'd go for a different venue this time around. We live very close to a hospital if needs be, but all systems are "go" currently. And yes, we are very excited. We had a LOT of trouble conceiving this little girl (ended up using a donor), and feel very, very lucky.


LESLIE - June 22



playitagainsam - June 22

Well now, you got me there. Again, my shame is immeasurable but, hey, what are you gonna do? Maternity leave is so, well, boring... Not sure where the "psycho" a__sessment is coming from--I think I pretty well backed up my point. But if I can dish it, I suppose it would be cla__sless not to take it. So "psycho" it is :) Okay now, for real, off to do something more productive (see, I said I'd work on that, but have I? NO!)


LESLIE - June 22

I am sorry but "MY OPINION" is that all you wanted was to get a thread for yourself and get lots of attention..I don't see nothing wrong with it but you shouldn't come here and say we are abusive group of women! Also you said after spending here 15 min. and in the other post you said that you have been here for a period of a week!!(at least) anyway I don't mind you saying all this things I just don't like the way you are trying to get attention. Plus everyone has to admit that ALL THE CRAZY PREGNANCY HORMONES make this site a little bit more fun and interesting and makes us laugh once in a I said THIS IS JUST MY OPINION! (anyone,sorry if i am wrong)


playitagainsam - June 22

Leslie: 1) I suppose it's possible that I've been secretly lurking on this site for weeks, only to lie to you about having just stubled upon it. YOU CAUGHT ME! Or alternatively (as is the case), I read multiple dates' posts in one sitting, thus allowing me to read two month's worth of posts in fifteen minutes. 2) I agree that occasional snippiness can be amusing for those who see it for what it is. But the girl (Joann) is 16 years old. There should be no pride or amus____nt in what took place here with regards to her post. She is a child, for God's sake.


anne - June 23

guys, really. you're carrying babies. is all of this really necessary? play - you lucked out on the 10 lb baby without tears. that's pretty good! a homebirth is a good way to go imo, this is our first and we are excited to be able to be in a relaxing environment - our own home. i'm 34 weeks and the baby is nearly 6 lbs so we'll see if we match up to a 10 pounder :) Sorry you had to go through so much to get pregnant this time around. there are great leaps in reproductive medicine, it's pretty awesome. you don't have long to go - be sure to share your birth story with me, i'm not far behind :)


leslie to sam - June 23




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