Completely Random Hormonal Vent

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Cassie06 - June 4

I know there are so many other things to worry about, but this is a huge pet peeve of mine, and I really have no idea why, so please dont flame, I just need to get this off my chest (I told DH and he thinks I am crazy!! lol) It drives me nuts when people call my baby Connor. This is his name, I am sure this is what we have decided and I love it, but I just dont like it when all my friends and family and other people I know call him that. It is just too familiar, like they know him. They dont know anything about him yet! He is my baby right now, he is inside of me. I know what he looks like (from u/s, as much as I can know right now) I know which foods he will tolerate and wont, I know his sleeping and waking habits. I can call him by him name because that is his name and personality. NO one else knows him like I do so they shouldnt be able to call him by his name yet. Does this sound completely stupid and nuts?? I dont have a clue why this bothers me so much!!!!


Trinity102203 - June 4

No, it doesn't sound very nuts. It sounds like a pregnant woman's prerogative!!!! No one else has to go through 10 months of pregnancy with the baby, yet somehow everyone always seems to act like they are just as special to them. IMPOSSIBLE!!!! We do all the work, so we should call all the shots.


krista-lee - June 4

again, ca__sie, we are so alike! i hate it when my boyfriends mother calls my baby logan (boys name we've chosen) and we dont even know what the s_x is! shes 100% convinced its a boy so she calls it logan. i just call it baby, peanut or bubbie lol


SuzieQ - June 4

We're not even telling names to anyone until our baby is born so this sounds normal to me too :)


Been There - June 4

It just sounds to me like since they know that's the name you plan to give him, they are calling him by the name you plan to give him. You don't have to know a person well to call them by their proper name if you know it. I wouldn't say it's stupid or nuts, maybe just a little hormonal and territorial. Honestly, I think they are just being respectful of the fact that you've named him already. After he's born, they still won't know him the way you do, but they will call him by his proper name. It's okay though, you just needed to vent. We all have something that irks us.


miraclebaby - June 4

all of my friends and family call my baby by her name and its preparing me, to get ready for her and I love it when people say her name. It's just preference that's all, in any event if we all like the same thing in the world were would we be. Dont be upset with them , actually I agree with been there, they are just respecting you. Even though you may not see it right now. good luck



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