Conceived Late And Having A Girl

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Kristen - March 19

I am 5 weeks pregnant and I have twin boys. I really want a girl so I can be done! Anyways, I think I conceived on the 18th day of my cycle and my cycle is usually about 29 days. This tells me that I am probably having a boy because I would have ovulated close to that day you would think. My question is, has anyone conceived late in their cycle and still had a girl?? Please give me some hope.


amanda17 - March 19

The baby's gender doesn't have anything to do with you when you conceived or ovulated. I believe it has to do with the sperm. I suppose you could guess by looking at the father's family... Are there more girls or more boys? It's still a 50/50 chance either way.


CgGirl - March 19

I agree with Amanda. We were ttc for 4 years and that's what the specialists say. That is why some couples only have boys or only have girls, because some men have sperm that will only create one or the other! Conclusion: the sperm that will succeed will determine the gender of your future child!


Kristen - March 19

Yes! My husband has 5 sisters and he is the only boy. We always thought we would have girls. I just can't get the thought out of my head that I did have to ovulate really close to the time we conceived and boy sperm swim fastest so I would think it would have gotten there first. I don't know!! Thanks for the inputs you made me feel better.


Happymommy - March 19

I agree with what the other women are saying. I have two boys and just had a baby girl a couple of weeks ago. All of the old wive's tales said I would have a boy. Also, I'm pretty sure we conceived right around the day or day before I ovulated and we still had a girl. I think like the other women have said, there is about a 50/50 chance either way. GL!


Sims1 - March 19

There "method" out there, i think it's called Shettles or something like that, where the theory is if you have s_x close to the time of ovulation it will be a boy, vs if you have s_x a couple of days before ovulation you will have a girl. based on that girl sperms lives longer although it's slower and boy sperm is faster but dies quicker. now when you say later in the cycle, i'm not to sure what that means, but keep in mind, your egg only lives for 24 hours, and is only viable for fertilization in the first 12 hours. so the windows is small...hope that helps, but in my opinion it will be humanly impossible for you to know if it's a boy or girl based on whatever just never know which sperm was the first to get to the egg.


Kristen - March 19

What I mean by late is I usually have a cycle of 29-30 days which means I would think I would ovulate between the 15th and 16th day of my cycle. Well we had s_x the 18,19,20 of my cycle so I must have ovulated late, which makes me think there is no way I could be having a girl uness I ovulated way way late for the boy sperm to die off. Does that make sense. This is a "mistake" pregnancy I guess you could say. My twin boys are only 18 months old. I really want a girl. I already am a little discouraged with the pregnancy but let alone me thinking it is for sure a boy. I can just see a rough road ahead with three little ones, but I am excited too.



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