Concerned Normal Swelling Vs Preeclampsia

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krc - July 15

I am a little worried. I know that swelling is normal in pregnancy but how do you know when it is preeclampsia? I read that sudden weight gain in a matter of days or a week as well as swelling is some of the symptoms. Well I had my weekly dr appointment wednesday and it was in a different office so it was a different scale than the one im normaly weighed on and it said I gained 9lbs since my last appointment the week before and that caught my attention because I haven't gained a single pound in well over 2 months. Well thursday and since then my feet have suddenly become super swollen. Not just a little but like marshmallow feet and also my face and eyes seem puffy. My hands though appear normal. The doc said it was probably because it was a different scale. Well I doubt their scale is 9 lbs off !!!!! Tomarrow im gonna go to the grocery store and weigh myself and check my blood pressure to see if it is high. Do you ladies think I am being paranoid? Should I try to call my doc on a sunday regarding swelling???


tryingx3 - July 15

Do you have any visual disturbances, seeing stars? Any symptoms of high blood pressure, head ache, red/flushed face, headache?


steph-in-saint-pete-beach - July 15

no your not being paranoid, you do need to keep an eye on it. I am having the same problem, and had the same with my son. Never got to the point of pre-eclampsia though because they induced. Good news is that your baby is fine, problem is you would not be. My midwife has me taking like 12 pills of alphalfa a day to keep the swelling and bp down naturaly. It has been helping, because it is staying in my legs and feet. Its when your hands and face swell they become concerned. They also said when you are monitoring your own with one of those bp cuffsat the drug store or where ever to sit there for five minutes to rest, then take it 3 times in a row, and average it to get a more true reading. Curious, are you in a hot and humid state like me, that could be elevating everything. In florida right now its like the congo. you can cut the air with a knife its so humid. Oh, also keep ultra hydrated, if your dehydrated your body will hold on to all the fluid it can, and store it in the body, ie the legs feet ect. Easy to store an extra gallon of fluid in a pregnant lady, 1 gallon of water weighs 8 pounds. Sorry too much info, Just been dealing with this since week32. Of course you can talk to your doctor, but the alphalfa pills are like 4 bucks at walmart, 14 at gnc i found out the hard way, they have me taking 4 pills 3 times a day, and drinking lots of fluids. This last visit my bp was totaly normal again.


krc - July 15

thanks steph. Yes I am in florida..just south of you in sarasota !!!!


Kara H. - July 16

I too have been swelling since about 24 weeks, but has gotten remarkable worse these last two weeks (currently 35wks). My BP has been going up, but will come back down rather quickly. Since I am not spilling any protein, they just tell me to slow down a bit, but not to worry. I have been on baby aspirin due to MTHFR and family history of pre-e, but I go off of it on friday. They said my BP may start to climb after that so we will see. I purchased a BP cuff for home monitoring. If you decide to get one, get the manual, not the digital. The digital ones are very unreliable.


Audrey - July 16

At your appointment on Wednesday did your doctor seem at all concerned about the swelling, especially in your face? I have had major swelling since week 25, I am now 36 weeks. Twice, when my swelling has been really bad at my doctors appointment they have admitted me to the hospital for lab work and monitoring of me and the baby. They check for platelet counts, and if you are spilling protein in your urine, among other things I'm sure. Twice I have had to do a 24 hour urine a___lysis. FUN! If your blood pressure isn't high, and you aren't having any of the other signs/symptoms such as headaches, abdominal pain, seeing stars, etc. then I wouldn't be too worried. BUT I would definitely ask your dr. about it. Although a 24 hour urine test is more accurate and used for diagnosis, most doctors check for protein in your urine at your appointment with a little dipstick. Have they done that?? Just ask their opinion. Most dr's don't take any chances with pre-eclampsia/toxemia. :))



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