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Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - August 3

I have never seen a baby with a cone head, and I was just curious if anyone has had a cone head baby? I was wondering how to prevent it as well. I heard by not pushing when you get a contraction because the pushing can cause a cone head baby....just really interested so I can try and prevent that


fitzerin - August 3

my cousin had 2 cone head babies...but they both looked normaly round headed in about a month.


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - August 3

Well everyone in my family just keeps saying "Make sure you don't get a cone head baby!" I don't know what it looks like or anything, if its bad or what


fitzerin - August 3

It doesn't hurt them...since a baby's head is so soft from pushing it can cause a cone head...sometimes you can't avoid it. If you do get a cone head baby...just make sure you always keep a hat on her until she becomes more rounded. :-)


AliG - August 3

My SIL had a "cone head" baby with her 1st. She was having trouble pushing and the doctors started using the vacuum to help pull the baby out. Like fitz, the head didn't stay like that for long. It rouonded out to a normal head in a couple of weeks. I always think of the old movie cone heads but really it wasn't that pronounced. The baby's head was just slightly shaped like if they had a cone on top. I don't know how you can prevent it.


DDT - August 3

You need to push when you have a contraction...anyway that's what the nurses told me to do when I was pushing my ds out. He didn't have a conehead...right after birth his head kinda went back a little like a bicycle helmet but it head rounded out completely within a few days...


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - August 3

Well pushing with a contraction before you are actually supposed to start pushing. I know onde you are ready to push, you have to push with the contractions...but I don't know, they all made it seem like it was preventable. I personally wouldn't care just as long as DD is healthy and I can take her home with I was just curious


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - August 3



ginger6363 - August 3

I don't believe that cone heads can be prevented, but they can be made worse by excessive pushing or the vac_mm. Almost all of the babies I've seen delivered vag. had coneheads for a couple of's very common.


angeev - August 3

Doesn't it have something to do with if they use a suction thing to help get the baby out? That's what I always heard. I worked in childcare and we had a baby with a major-conehead, well, it was more that the back of her head was totally flat and she was like 9m when I resigned!! Her parents kept telling us not to do tummy time b/c she hated it so I think her head was due to other factors. Super sweet baby tho. Besides that I have never seen a cone-head last more than 6w or so.


lqtoo - August 3

I think that most babies delivered v____ally will have a 'cone-head', or at least a head that is oblong-shaped. This is because the baby's skull bones shift and compress on themselves in order to fit down the birth ca___l (that is why they have the soft spot on top of their head for the first while after they are born). The longer you are in active labour, the more pronounced this shape will be. The baby's head will return to a more normal looking shape after only a few days. In the meantime, the little hats they put on the baby tend to hide the long skull.


CodyKatie5 - August 3

My cousin who is now 16 mos and the CUTEST kid ever (until mine gets here) had a cone head when he was born. His mom pushed for almost 2 hours though. Hehe, his dad was actually kind of scared at first but the doc a__sured him that it was ok. When I saw him at 3 wks old, the cone head was gone. It's really a normal thing.


ahay - August 3

Sorry to burst your bubble but unfortunately you cannot prevent a cone-head. It all depends on how long babies head is in the birth ca___l.


tonia - August 3

Exactly, there is nothing you can do to prevent a cone head baby. It is your pelvis size verses the baby's head size! My first baby had a cone head and labor and delivery with her was fast for a first 7 1/2 hours total and only about 3 minutes of pushing. My 2nd and 3rd(L&D about 2-3 hours for both) were not cone heads but definitely not born with pretty round heads like a c-section baby! : ) My 1st, her cone head was completely normal within a few days after birth. Just relax, you can not worry about that one! Just roll with it! : ()


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - August 3

Well to me, I didn't know...I was just hearing this from my family and I figured I would time I will just tell them I want an egg head baby and get them off my back ; )


sahmof3 - August 3

Scheduled c-sections babies have nice heads LOL. Seriously... there's nothing you can do if the baby is born v____ally, except hope! ;-)


Bellas Mom - August 3

Hey Nerdy - there's nothing you can do. I'm sure that vaccuum and such can help make it worse. But with my daughter, she had a nice conehead (hehe) and was perfectly shaped in a week. Like ahay and tonia have said, it all depends how long the baby stays in the birth ca___l, etc,etc.... But it's only normal, that's why their heads are not fused entirely, so they can shape it into whatever to fit through your ........... Good luck and don't worry about it!!!



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