Confuse As To When Is Real Date Of Delivery

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sheril - July 2

Hi. My question is: I had my last mens on October 22-25 last year. However, since my husband works abroad, we only had our "physical contact" between November 20-28, 2005. Prior to that, he was here last September 2005 when I was having my September mens. Now, my ob-gyne calculated my date of delivery based on those info and said I might be due August 29 give or take. However, when I had a medical exam in another hospital, I was told my due date is in July (one month advance). I had an ultrasound done by a sonologist and the result showed I am currently 35+ weeks pregnant and will be due on July 29. Now I am so confused as to when I'm really going to have my baby. My husband and I were disputing about this. He said if the baby is born in July, then the baby is only 8 months old, premature. Because we are sure he got me pregnant around November 20-28, even though my last mens was October 22-25. How do you really start to count the months of pregnancy, is it at the time you have s_x and fertilization occurred or is it based on the month you had your last mens? By the way, I dont have a regular cycle, I do have mens every month, but they do not fall on the same regular cycle. Thanks.


sophandbob - July 2

Pregnancy is dated from the 1st day of your last period, which would be the october date. However, fertislisation of the egg actually happens 2 weeks after this time. According to the chart in my baby book, a lmp between oct 22-25 would give you the due date of july 29th - aug 1st. If you go on the 25th Oct date, 2 weeks after still doesn't bring you to Nov 20th. I can only a__sume that as you say you don't have a regular cycle, and indeed would have been due your period when your husband was home, that the day you ovulate isn't 14 days after your 1st bleed, as it seems you are pretty confident on your dates. Your long cycle might explain why it appears the baby will be premature.


1stTimer - July 4

I have sort of the same problem. I know my last period was Oct 16-20 for sure. But I don't have regular cycles they were usually 35 days but according to my Dr. I conceived on Nov. 13th and he dating that by a 6 week 4 day u/s which he says is the most accurate time to date baby. I was thinking I'd be due on July 23rd but he is sure my date should be Aug. 6th. I'm scared that if I'm right I'll be WAY overdue if he lets me pa__s his date! I guess we'll see who's right pretty soon.


1stTimer - July 4

Btw, it took us 10.5 years to conceive this child so we're overly cautious about EVERYTHING! lol



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