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HeatherF89 - July 11

Yesterday starting around 5pm I was having contractions so I laid down drank lots of fluids and when that didnt help I went for a walk. Finally around 10:30 last night I went to the hospital cuz mycontractions had gotten alot worse and they were about 6min apart. When I got there they hooked me up to a machine and it said yes I was having regular contractions and then they did an exam and I was 2cm and 80% effaced. Last thursday I was 1cm and 80% effaced. Since there wasnt that much of a change they had me walk around for an hour to see if it would help, all it did was make my contractions hurt so much more worse so they sent me home since I wasnt dilating. I had contractions all night long and Im still having them right now and the nurse said she doesnt kniow why Im having them. Does anyone know what that could mean? I just dont understand how I could be having these painful regular contractions but nothing is happening. Oh and Im 37 weeks.


Olivene - July 11

I think it could just be very slow early labor. It seems like a lot of my friends had a few days of uncertainty and contractions before things really got going. How are you now?


HeatherF89 - July 11

Im still getting painful contractions every few min and got no sleep last night because of that. I just hope I dont have to be getting these for another couple weeks


MEO - July 11

hmmm, I would hope that at some point if you aren't sleeping etc they would help you out with some pitocin or something. A laboring mom who hasn't slept in days doesn't sound like a good idea. Hope you get things figured out!


Jill - July 11

Is this your first child? With my first I had painful regular contractions for about 24 hours before I actually started to progress. The pain got much worse, but I was actually making progress! About 10 hours later I gave birth. Maybe you are in a very slow early labor like I was. Hang in there. Hopefully the end is in sight. Good Luck!


HeatherF89 - July 11

My hospital is very strict about using pitocin, they wont use it unless your water has broken and nothign is happening or you are 2 weeks over due, and since Im 37 weeks thats not even an option.This is my first child, so hopefully Im in the same boat you were in Jill and it will start progressing soon.


kikistone - July 11

I am not sure if it is the same thing, but a friend of mine had a similar situation and they kept sending her home for not dialating. She eventually went in (a few days later with no sleep) and basically refused to go home. The doc finally did an ultrasound and found the baby was breech (news to her...she had been head down the whole time) and she was pressing on her back! She was miserable. They ended up doing a c section that night and now they have a beautiful girl!! I think sometime hospitals a__sume we don't know what we are feeling (they are right about that sometimes) but don't be afraid to request more aggressive is your baby adn if you feel like something is happeining then they should long do they want you to be uncomfortable? (I know this is easier said than done...when i get in front of docs and nurses I always back down!!! lol) Anyway, keep us posted!



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