Confused About How Baby Is Positioned

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aaaaaaaaaa - March 14

Okay, whenever I feel kicks or punches or whatever they are, they're down REALLY low... And theres always a big hard bulge that he loves to shove under my ribs, which has to be either his head or his butt... I was assuming that was his head, and that his feet were down since that's where i get beat up all the time... however, when he hiccups, I feel THAT down low too. So, what the heck?


Faye84 - March 14

haha I have the exact same thing . I think that means that they are head down and that buldge you feel is the b___t...its like rock hard too right? so weird feeling isnt it?


aaaaaaaaaa - March 14

Wellllll here's the other thing... there's often TWO buldges... which I would a__sume one is the b___t and one is the head... and they're both up high... but then why the heck do I feel hiccups down low? He's a confusing little bugger!


aaaaaaaaaa - March 14

What I meant to say in that last one, is that on the odd occasion that he takes that rock hard thing out of my ribs, it'll be on one side, and there'll be a buldge on the other side too, so one's gotta be a head and one's gotta be a b___t, right? I never EVER feel any kicks up high anymore, all really low. I am so confused


Faye84 - March 14

maybe its a foot that you feel, or the two feet pushed together that would be it the second buldge? but i know what you mean, when she hiccups its always pretty low and i feel more like flutters down low. its kinda fun playing "what is that buldge i feel" hehe


xoxticiaxox - March 14

I feel that too, I dont get kicked anymore, she just diggs into my ribs, she kick ups alot and I feel that down low, I think your baby is probably in the down position (not sure of the correct terminology)


mommybabyboy21 - March 14

At night I can still feel and see my lo doing summer salts in my womb. Especially when I switch from one side to the other…I am 27 weeks and 3 days…and my dr said that up to the 30 something week he will change positions often…and its true some times I feel him kicking really low, some times I feel him kick off to my right, very rarely off to my left and then straight up. So perhaps your lo is just moving though it you feel the blug and the hiccup at the same time ummm? I am at a lost too.


gigi123 - March 17

I hear you! As I am typing, I am feeling strong punches/kicks really low down deep in my pelvis (especially if I lean forward), but when I poke my belly, I am feeling legs or arms or something sharp and bony like that just under my ribs. All those sharp areas and movements could just as well be elbows, toes, heels, fists, shoulders, or even knees I guess. Another strange thing I noticed was that if I sit up straight from a laying position, My belly slopes down really dramatically like a pyramid/triangle with the apex being where the linea nigra runs (so like a tent). Have you noticed this with your belly? Anyone? The first time I noticed it was when the doctor stared at my belly when I was getting up from the exam table. It looks very bizarre! It completely confuses me how the baby is laying.


Memphisbaby - March 17

I have had several u/s's, so been able to see my baby's position. She is head-down, but I still feel kicks down below. On the u/s pics, the tech pointed out that somtimes she has her feet up by her head (putting them in her mouth)....They are pretty cramped in there, and very limber! So, she may be head down but still be able to kick you down below.


Atira36 - March 17

I am 36 and half weeks & have trouble telling what body parts are sticking out, moving, etc. too! I am pretty sure that the bulge around my belly b___ton is his b___t and now sometimes, I get a tickling movement very low near my hip bones & am certain it must be his little hands probably searching for his mouth. I also never feel kicks up high- most movement is in the middle & on my sides. gigi123- I also have that same thing happen to my belly when I am lifting up from bed. It's so weird! I want to ask my doctor about it next visit. I so wish we could all just see our babies on the big screen whenever we wanted! I just wonder all the time about his position & what he is doing in there! I guess I only have about 4 weeks left to be curious!


gigi123 - March 23

aaaaaaaaaa have you had an US yet? do you know how the baby is laying? maybe the baby is curve around with hte feet up near the mouth sort of like a c-shape?


mellycat82 - March 23

Hey! Well Im just 38 weeks now, my little one is in exactly the same position as yours if thats the way ur describing it! When I sit down on a chair or on the sofa I have to put a cushion behind my back because I feel like Im squashing her under my ribs! I just got out of hospital with a few complications, she was breech but she turned suddenly at week 37 to the position you re describing now.. apparently (the midwife told me) that bump under your ribs is his bum, his arms could be stretched up by his head which is right in your pelvis, hence all the movement down there, also his legs could be in the same place his arms are! they are very bendy little things! My little one hiccups a lot too, I feel that low down as well. xx hope that clears it up for ya... I was also very confused till I asked the midwife what the hell position is she lying in cos I couldnt figure it out to save my life! ha ha xxxx


aaaaaaaaaa - March 23

I havent had an ultrasound since 20w! However, the other day I found a foot and felt all the way up and felt his whole body... very cool... of course then he moved and now i have no clue anymore again!



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