Congrats Rifqah

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jmejo2 - February 20

I just wanted to say congrats to you! I know it takes a while for the page to load up. I hope you can get a full story up soon!!! Enjoy your LO, I know how special a time it is!


swollenangel - February 21

Aww thanx Jamie! Congratulations to u too! Guess iv put off posting my birth story long enough... Well,i booked into hospitall thurs,14th after 8pm,scheduled for induction at 11pm...i eventually went in by 12 & they monitored me til abt 2am b4 sending me back to my room to 'rest',by 4am i was up again to hav a 2nd induction that was scheduled 4 5am,after that they monitored me every half hour,but i wasnt progressing fast enough & my cervix was too posterior,they offered me the epidural which i refused til


swollenangel - February 21

Abt 11am,when the internal exams where just getting way too painful (cos of the posterior cervix) and they had to reach it in order to break my waters and if they cudnt reach it then i wud hav to hav a c-section (which i didnt want) so,i get the epi & my waters are broken,but the contractions are stil not regular and im not dilated enough, so they continue to monitor til abt 2pm wen they tell me its almost time,by 2h10 doc comes back & says she'll b out in next 15mins...7mins later,he puts her on my chest..


swollenangel - February 21

That was the most amazing moment! So she arrived at 14h17 on the 15th feb,weighing just over 6lbs. After struggling abit,she was bf brilliantly-they took her away to get cleaned up by 5pm and at 7pm told me she wud be admitted to NICU due to low blood sugar...i totally broke down after that! It was really hard seeing her wit drips and tubes and even harder that i cudnt hold her! She has totally recovered now and was finally discharged on monday,18th feb,given a clean bill of health & iv never been happier!


swollenangel - February 21

She is an absolute angel...dh and i cudnt hav dreamed of anything this wonderful! She was christened last night - Jehaan Roberts ...its a persian name meaning creative mind... Its the only name dh and i agreed on! Ok,wow im gonna stop now... Thanx again Jaime! Congrats on ur little bundle... Hope the journey of motherhood is everything u hoped and much more! Ok,im gonna read ur birth story now! Enjoy!


swollenangel - February 21

Oh,one thing i forgot to add... Had an episiotomy (sp?) and ended up wit 12 st_tches... I hav to honestly say that the labour wasnt nearly as hard as the recovery! Hopefully the st_tches dissolve soon! Ok,im gonna stop now!


jmejo2 - February 21

i hear ya on the st8tches...The healing part feels a bit bad, I can feel them pulling now...I rreally wanted that epi but apparently he was too busy to get there in time...I might would have enjoyed labor more otherwise. With my first it wasnt near as painful. I know its heartbreaking to see your baby in that kind of situation and not be able to do anything about it to make it better. When Hayden was born they had to have a NICU nurse in there just in case she did swallow any of her poopy water. Luckily it didn't come to that! But I know when she is in pain with the gas and got her belly aches it just breaks my heart. Im not bf, but ff and they had to change her formula-gave me two to try but I really think she is gonna be lactose intolerant like her daddy too. Congrats again, I know she is precious.


swollenangel - February 22

Im really glad Hayden got out in time,iv read that poop water wud hav been very dangerous had she swallowed it! They were ff her while she was is NICU and i was really worried that she wudnt wanna bf wen she got out...luckily that wasnt the case,cos i really wanted to at least try to bf! U mentioned lactose intolerance... Well i am lactose u think my lo wil be too? How wud i be able to tell that? Is there anyway they can test that already?


Gemini_Girl - February 22

Hey Congrats Riqfah! I had an episiotomy too, the st_tches are so stingy! I got the epi as soon as I could (2cm) which is so wimpy - you did really well! It must have been hard when she had to be taken away to get treatment for low blood sugar but Im glad shes ok now!


jmejo2 - February 22

Rifqah~My hubby is lactose intolerant too. He was on Isomil when he was a baby. But her tummy was really hurting and she had the runs with regular milk, they tried similac sensitive which is still milk w/o lactose and has added rice starch-that gave her bad runs too. So now we are trying isomil which is back to tummy aches but I think its too thin...we had to buy new bottles when she went on that sensitive stuff as it was thicker and couldn't pull it through the anti-colic system bottles we were using...I just put her back on those bottles so I am gonna see if they reduce her tummy aches


swollenangel - February 23

Thanx lesley! Congrats to u too! Yeah,the st_tches were def the worst part of the whole exp! Luckily it gets better wit each day! Jaime-im not sure whether i shud be worried...abt the lactose intolerant thing...Wudnt they hav picked it up while she was in NICU. I can tell she gets belly aches and her poop is kinda runny, but im strictly bf ... Do u think she cud be lactose intolerant to my b___st milk?



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