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jenna32 - November 6

i've been having PMS cramps practically everyday since after my last doctors appointment, a couple times it has went to my back to, i am assuming this is braxton hicks or something but i never expected to get it practically everyday! or maybe it is my cervix dilating? they aren't insanely painful or anything but their mild and i can definately notice it. has anyone else had this and know if it's normal?


emfine99 - November 7

I've been having this problem for about a week. The dr said it's not BH, they are real contractions and they do get worse. Mine have progressed over the past couple of days and the dr told me that it helps your cervix with effacement which then leads to dialation. Iwent in yesterday and I was 50% effaced and not dialated at all yet....


sahm2alaj - November 7

I get these almost daily as well. I have been dilated 2 cm since about my 27th week and am on bed rest now. Keep hydrated and talk to your doctor about them.


melissa w. - November 7

my doc told me today that it sometimes is ur ligaments... when ur haveing pms cramps but who knows good luck!!!


jenna32 - November 7

thanks everyone. i have been getting some ligament pain to but it doesn't feel the same as the cramps and the ligament pain usually isn't so constant,often and go to my backhow . i'm thinking it could be contractions, although it could be wishful thinking ! how far along are you not sahmn? i heard you can dilate early but i hope you don't go too early!Especially since you are feeling the same contraction things as me,it doesn't sound good. Hopefully you are actually further along instead, good luck!


jenna32 - November 7

oops minus the how in the one odd spot, i went to type something in the wrong spot and didn't delete it all by accident.


emfine99 - November 7

I doubt it's ligaments..... those pains usually happen earlier on... how far are you Jenna? It really sounds like the pains that I have been getting which the dr confirmed were contractions... ugh...


jenna32 - November 8

just over 37 and a half weeks. how far are you? i think i saw you post before and are somewhere around the same aren't you emfine? when is your due date?lol my bf and i are kind of hoping the baby isn't born a scorpio because i'm one and 2 people of that sign don't get along well usually!plus there's too many in his family.i'm due the 26th but my doctor keeps reminding me i could be a week earlier according to ultrasound. Sorry you're having pains to, but i'm happy someone else knows what i am talking about!Iit is kind of nice to know it's getting closer to being over,don't you think?


emfine99 - November 8

Yeah, we're pretty close, I'm due the 23rd and I'll be 38 weeks tomorrow. I really don't care what sign my baby is born.. I want her out! LOL I honestly want her born in November though. It will be the 1st November baby in our family. I'm a December baby and I'd rather not have her too close to my birthday and Christmas. She deserves to have a birthday and not have it blended together with Christmas like I always had to have! My grandma and I think it could be soon though! I think when you are ready to have the baby, you just kinda know. I can tell it'll be soon... hopefully next week! :-) I'm pretty sick of these pains!


jenna32 - November 9

errr, my cervix is still closed! But she said she might induce me on the 22nd because i could be a week or 2 further then what i thought.


name - November 9

I've been having period like cramps [pretty painful ones] for at least 6 weeks now. My ob says these are BH's but I don't know. They usually start up if I'm doing something hard, stressful, and active, such as unloading groceries or packing or cleaning. They are in my lower tummy + back. They hurt really bad. Also, there are times when my tummy gets hard (not during the cramps), so I'm not sure which ones are BH, both maybe? I am due in 16 days and dialated to a 1. My ob says that dehydration can cause the cramping. I never felt any BH with my 1st child.


name - November 9

Oh and also each time I get up at night to pee, my tummy hurts bad, and is also tight. I am not sure if this is b/c I kinda sorta sleep on my belly, sorta on my side, in what I call the 3/4 position.



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