Constant Braxton Hicks Contractions

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BoyMom123 - March 8

Hi. I am almost 38 weeks and am having Braxton Hicks contraction everytime I am on my feet and walking around going about my day. I actually packed my hospital bag last night because I thought I may actually be in early labor. I went to bed and they all went away. It is driving me crazy. They are not comfortable and I wish it would just turn into labor so I can get this pregnancy over with! AHHHH!!!! Anyone else?


Toya - March 8

lol. I can't wait until I'm 38 weeks. I'm 31 weeks now...I get about 2 Braxton hicks contractions per hour...I notice them more when my heart rate goes up.


SUZIE - March 9

I had this last night no matter how i laid i had continuas braxton hick and it felt painful like my muscles in my tummy was pulling tight, i had it for a whiel and sometimes the tightning would last a long time, but as soonas i tirned a few times and finally managed to settle on my left side it went. i too want my baby out, ive had enough this pregnancy everythings just been awful from the start


Susanna - March 9

Feel Lucky, I have had Braxton Hicks since I was about 20 weeks. I have been in contant fear that I am going into labor. I wish I was you, I still have so long to go and I was told they will only get worse......


Billie - March 9

I too had Braxton Hicks cont. early. Mine started at 16 weeks. I told my Doc and he said that it was early but no cause for concern. I am now 28 weeks and the little guy is still in there. I am still scared that I will go into preterm labor though. I went to the hospital 3 weeks ago because I was bleeding. Well anyway, they hooked me up to the machine that measures your uterine activity and another that measures the baby's heartbeat. Well long story short, I had 5 contr. while I was there. They checked my cervix and it was still closed. Thank God! But I still can't stop thinking about preterm labor.


Toya - March 9

Well...I've felt Braxton Hicks since I was 10 weeks. They are not painful at uterus just bunches up and hardens and then it stops. I read in a pregnancy book that they start very early in pregnancy, but aren't usually perceived by the mom until 20 weeks. my nurse didn't believe me when I told her at my 14 week check up that i had them..When she started measuring my fundal height I had a braxton hicks and she was like "wow"


Suzanne - June 8

I am 29 weeks and they are horrible when i stand or walk. last night i had them all night. i'm glad i'm not the only one worried about preterm labor. Sounds like it's just worries and nothing except what's in my mind...



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