Constant Wetness

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J - August 5

This is kinda gross but I learned at my birthing class about leaking fluids. For the past 5 weeks, I am now almost 36 weeks along, I have had a constant wetness, it is not like a thick discharge. I wear a panty liner. I asked my dr. and I also called another dr. they said it is probably not amniotic fluid. Does anyone else have this problem? It is a real thin clear fluid. It seems to get worse later on in the day when I am up moving around often. - August 5

"Probably not" is not a good answer. They should check you to make sure. If you require panty liners because there's so much fluid, it could be amniotic. It takes like 5 seconds to check to see if it's fluid. They just take a swab, insert it and twist it, remove and see if it changes colors. The wetness could be lots of things though. Could be discharge, amnio fluid or possibly urine.


J - August 5

They said that if it was amniotic fluid, I would not measure correctly and I do. I don't really like my dr. I know it is not urine and if it is discharge it is very thin. It does not drip out though. I can wear one panty liner all day but it just makes me wonder.


Kay - August 6

I too get the same thing , its just like water , everyday it happens mostly in the day . I am going to ask my doc about it . It wouldnt be anything serious would it ?


J - August 6

I don't know. I heard that if it is amniotic fluid there could be a tear high up in the sac. I am hoping not. Everyone is different. Hopfully it is just discharge. My dr. was not worried when I asked her about it.


Danielle - August 6

The same thing happend to me about a week ago. I am now 36 weeks. Mine only lasted for about 2 days though, but I was still scared. My doc checked and it was not amniotic fluid. They said that it could be sweat cause it was so hot outside or urine. Somtimes this far along the baby can push on your kidneys and cause some to leak out without you knowing...but if i were you i would ask you doc again for the test - August 6

i agree with Danielle. I'd ask for the test. Just because you're measuring right, that means NOTHING when you're dealing with leaking. It's possible that you're making EXCESS fluid and are leaking. In this case, you'd measure correctly. Also, if that's the case, it would be more of a worry of infection rather than not enough fluid. Something about his answer just doesn't work for me.


Louise - August 6

I've been having that for at least six weeks, it's not amnio fluid or urine. It's just a watery discharge that happens here and there. My doctor isn't concerned, but you should check with yours.



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