Constipation Remedies

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name - September 23

It's so bad and my tummy HURTS. Please someone tell me some ways to be able to poop somewhat normally (other than eat fiber/green leafy veggies).


musicbaby - September 24

Yeah its not a nice feeling is it? Lots of water. Prunes are good you can eat them as a snack or just get the prune juice. Not sure if you get it wherever you are but kiwi fuit juice is good too. Healthy cereals, yes its fiber but some of them are great as a snack so its an easy way to eat it. :-) Keeping hydrated is the big thing that seems to make a difference for me which is why I like the juice options because you are getting the best of both worlds. GL.:-)


DDT - September 24

In the third tri I was was often constipated. I started taking Metamucil tablets daily & drank lots of water. I never had a problem after I started the Metamucil.


Tink - September 24

i've had it horribly and the zofran and iron i take make it 10x worse. here is everything i have tried, including doc recommended stuff. drink a TON more water. i am a huge water drinker. eat more fiber- beans, frosted mini wheats. the old prune juice thing does work. try colace- it is a pregnancy safe stool softener that might help- i take 2-3 per day. i also take a daily metamucil fiber caplet- swallow like a pill, has extra fiber. my doc also gave me a pregnancy safe senna laxative pill. not only did i have the constipation and was only going every 4-5 days, i also had 'difficult' bowel movements, i felt like i was giving birth and had bleeding and hemrhoids from hard stool. so the colace has helped a ton there. but i still fight botht eh difficult BMs and constipation due to the iron and zofran i am on, but i have to choose the lesser of two evils. i'd rather deal with the consitpation than the nausea (that the zofran fixes).


lily10 - September 24

Try a stool softener that does not have any stimulants in it. When I was pregnant I was constipated so bad!! I say try the stool softener and drink plenty of fluids it really does help.


Stressed - September 24

My doctor lets me take colace daily, fiber con daily and dulcolax one tablet a day. If I am really uncomfortable I can take upto three dulcolax in one day and that always does the trick. Crazy thing is as soon as I go I am absolutely starving afterwards!


name - September 24

Thanks Ladies. Tink - I also feel like I am giving birth, no lie, b/c I have to push/strain so hard plus I'm having the horrible intestinal spasms which remind me of contractions. Sooo painful. I do eat lots of cereal, 4-5 bowls every morning. I drink alot of juice, mostly apple. I was drinking prune juice, but I quit b/c it quit helping me. I don't really wanna take a stool softener b/c I HATE taking pills. Is the Metamucil safe during pregnancy? If so, maybe I can get the powder/chewable kind. I guess I need to get some prunes. After I give birth, I am sooo doing a colon cleanse!


redmondsky - September 24

I was having the same problem and found a fix that worked for me. Every night now I have a yummy bowl of raisin bran...with lot's of milk - around 9 pm. It's working - it might for you! Every morning now...right as rain....!


DDT - September 25

Yes, Metamucil is safe during pregnancy.


missy046 - September 25

Name, thank you very much. Intenstinal spasms, I didn't think of that. When I become contipated and/or have to have a BM I get these contraction like pains that don't stop unitl I do go to the bathroom. They often worry me but I didn't think of intenstinal spasms. That fits. Thank you! God Bless.


name - September 25

missy046 - Did you have them before you got pregnant too? I've had them my whole life. I think I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome. It's awful.



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