Contact Lenses During Labor

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kh - April 12

I have read in several sources that you can't wear contacts during labor. I asked my doctor though, and she said it's OK to wear them. Has anyone else worn them, and was it OK? I just have really, really thick glasses and would prefer not to wear them in the pics afterward. I know that's crazy, but if the doctor says it's OK, then I'm planning to. I just know that some people have bloodshot eyes from pushing so hard and wondered if that was an issue with anyone.


maxsmom - April 12

Good question!!!! I do not even own a pair of gla__ses and without my contacts there's no way I could even see my little guy looking up at me. I will have to wear my contacts. Hope it's okay!!!!


Alycia - April 12

I think the reason a lot of hospitals want you to take your contacts out is because they don't want to mess with them in case you need to be put under for an emergency c-section. I've never heard of problems wearing them during labor itself - I plan to do it.


kh - April 12

I didn't even know they put you under for an emergency c-section--I thought the mom was always awake for that. I hadn't thought about that. But I want to be able to see her when she's first born (my gla__ses are small around, so there's no peripheral vision), so I'm glad I can wear them.


Steph - April 12

I wore my contacts when I had my daughter. No one ever said anything to me about it. I had her in the early evening but I suppose if I was to have this one in the middle of the night, I wouldn't get up and put my contacts in...I'd just stick to gla__ses then.


Steph - April 12

And I did not have any issues with having them in and pushing/no bloodshot eyes or anything. :o)


Alycia - April 12

I think they only put you under for an emergency c/s if you haven't had an epidural and they don't have time to wait around for you to get one.


Beth B - April 12

I wore my contacts during labor. I never thought about it and would not have considered wearing my gla__ses. But in my rush to get to the hospital I forgot my contact lens case at home and they didn't have an extra one at the hospital. So maybe buy an extra case for your hospital bag. Also I was in labor for 26 hours and in and out of sleep so my contacts were dry. I had visine for contacts to put in them. So you might want to put that into your L & D comfort bag. But yeah no issues w/ contacts and labor.


Brandi - April 12

I've heard they make you take out your contacts for a c-section and they don't recommend wearing them during labor as they could get uncomfortable but I hope you don't have to take them out cuz I plan to wear them too!


Chrissy - April 12

I plan to wear mine too. But like you, I have read that too. I think they just say you shouldnt cuz maybe they will dry out, or get ruined. I have disposable ones so if they get ruined I don't really care, and I already threw an extra pair in my hospital bag. I really hope they dont say anything because I really dont want to be wearing gla__ses in my pictures either, or be blind and not see my baby!! I am wearing them!


Chelle - April 12

I wore my contacts throughout labor, about 16 hours. At 9 cm I had to have a c-section and I wore them during the section also with no problem. Just make sure you bring your contact lens case, solution, eye drops, and your gla__ses incase your contacts start to irritate you.



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