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Jackie - August 31

I'm 36 weeks pregnant, i havent felt any contractions yet. What do they feel like?


Emily - June 30

It's sort of like a period cramp, but let's up after a couple seconds. I'm 37 weeks and I've had a ton of Braxton Hicks.


SC - July 22

thats right your stomach gets extreamly hard and it feels a little worse than a period cramp. I am 35 weeks today and have braxton hicks for about two months now.


Missy - August 31

I am 37 weeks prenant and I guess I haven't expierenced braxton hicks but I have been having lots of contractions and they feel like your whole stomache is tightning and it feels like your baby is balling up you'll know from how tight they get. if braxtons are painless then how can you feel them?? what do they feel like??


Kirri - September 14

I am 39 weeks, I have had tons of Braxton Hicks, they are just tightenings, as you get further along you will notice them more, you can tell "real" contractions because they get closer together and you usually get some pain with them - not necessarily bad pain, just pain. If you get lots of tightenings it's a good idea to time them anyway because it could be the start of something big lol. good luck!


AL - September 26

Contractions don't have to hurt (even during labor), but that doesn't mean you won't feel them. I started having very light Braxton Hicks contractions early in the second trimester. To me it felt like my uterus giving the baby a hug. Now I'm 37 weeks, and I've been having much stronger contractions for two weeks. It feels more like a tightened muscle - say like if you were lifting a weight. They still don't hurt, but I am getting tired of them. Mine don't let up in seconds, they can hang on for a minute or more. When I've had alot during a day, it makes me tired at night. Labor contractions do not go away when you lay down and rest, and they work to open the cervix. Pre-labor contractions, "practice" contractions help prepare your uterus for labor. HTH!



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