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rkrhoads - March 20

Well, I am 36 weeks with my 1st. I have heard that contractions feel like you have to go poop. Well, I can't tell if the baby has just dropped and is resting on my r___m or if I am having Braxton Hicks. How do I tell the difference?


Heather F - March 20

I am also 36 weeks - and went through 18 hours of labor on friday - only to be sent home with them stopped. Contractions feel like your whole stomach is hardening like you are doing a push up and can feel like they are starting from your back and moving to your stomach. You can fell that your whole stomach from top to bottom feels rock hard - believe me you'll know when you are in labor because this will happen in a rythmic manner - every 5 minutes and then every 2 minutes until they are 15 seconds apart.


N - March 20

When real labour starts, not only do you experience the tightenings (Braxton Hicks) as Heather F describes, but you'll also feel very strong menstrual cramp feelings that can sometimes be unbearable, can sometimes feel like a burning crampy feeling. That's where the breathing come in handy!


Rabbits07 - March 21

Also, when you are having a contraction you can feel the hardness of your stomache with your hand. Try poking your belly a few times (just above the belly b___ton area) while you don't think you are having a contraction.....just to get the jist of what it feels like. Next time you think you might be having a contraction try poking in that area again. It should feel noticeably harder if you are having a contraction. You can even feel contractions this way when the 'rest of you' isn't feeling them. When I had preterm labor with my second baby I didn't feel the contractions. i jst happened to lay down and started feeling my stomache and noticed it was hard..then soft..hard..etc. I called the dr. and went to the hospital. Turned out I was having contractions every 2 minutes and was dilated to 4cm.


VincenzosMom - March 21

Well from my own experience and asking my doctor. Braxton hicks are when your belly tightens and there's practically no pain. real contractions feel like menstral cramping



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