Contractions And Baby Moving

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mommybear - March 30

Hello ladies. Due Saturday, but was wondering.. does anyone elses baby move or seem uncomfortable during a contraction. I swear my little doesn't like the sqeezing of the uterus, and it just makes things more uncomfortable for me. Anyone else have this problem?


AR - March 31

Hi Mommybear, I've heard that babies stopped moving a lot when you are closer to your due date, I"m almost 39 weeks and mine also moves sometimes with the contractions, if I'm seated he doesn't move, but if I'm in bed he will move with the contraction.


meme - March 31

I'm 37 weeks. Suddenly had a lot of contractions last night after not having much at all, as a matter of fact. I did notice that when baby moved during them, it felt strange. Not bad... just a new feeling. I've read that the most uncomfortable baby movement during contractions comes after the water breaks. Then you can REALLY feel everything! Anyway, I've also read a book by Frederick Leboyer (namesake of Leboyer baths) that birth is painful for baby as it is for mom, but that once you're relieved of your pain when the baby's out, he doesn't stop being traumatized... by lights, sounds, the harshness of clothing after the softness of amniotic fluid, etc. Just thought I'd share because it's interesting.


mommybear - March 31

Yes, this past week I was kind of worrisome because she didn't move very much.. except when I recline and am not moving around much. Doctor told me everything was fine. If your baby starts to slow down, do kick counts.. its very reasurring. Yes meme.. It's not a bad feeling, it's just strange.. and uncomfortable. especially with the stronger contractions. The first time I had a contraction, I was like.. what the heck is that? I felt the baby moving, but my stomach was so tight. wow. that IS interesting. I never really thought about it. I just keep thinking of how uncomfortable I am. Thank you for your imputs. It's much appreciated. Good luck to the both of you! I'm hoping my little one will come this weekend.



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