Contractions For 3 Days

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deedee31 - October 9

I'm going on 3 days (since I've been paying attention) contractions that are 8-10 minutes apart. I had an appt 3 days ago for a routine check up and told the NP I had been feeling crampy and "heavy". She said it's typical end of term stuff not to worry. That night I kept waking from menstrual like cramps and a really achy lower back. Around 5am I figured I should probably start paying attention and did so finding I had been having contractions every 8-11 minutes apart. I phoned the OB around 900 and they directed me to L&D at the hospital to be checked by the doc. They hooked me up to the monitors and confirmed I was in deed having contractions (8-10 min) apart and my cervix was soft but not dialting. Yay! So they told me I could go home and to call if the pains increased or contractions came closer together. Sorry for the long winded summation here. My question - has anyone else experienced this? Is this typical? I've had some weird pregnancies and this is my second going full term (my 1st went to term but had to have my membranes stripped - labor progressed very quickly without pain until I got stuck at 9cm for 3 hours before having to have a c-section).


Tonigirl - October 10

Hi're totally reading my mind! or at least my mail...or something like that!LOL! I've been having the SAME THING! These contractions were coming every few minutes and I was having 6-8 and hour so I guess that's probably about every 7-10 minutes...somewhere in there. They were very tight and made my stomach very hard. At times they stopped me in my tracts to the point where I couldn't walk until it was over. I had this happen all night at one point...but never called or went in. I guess I just had this "knowing" type feeling that I wasn't in labor and sure enough in the morning they stopped. However, I have also had some mild menstral like cramping and today I've had these sharp, momentary pains on either side of my stomach. I was examined last week to discover I'm 1cm dilated, but not effaced at all and that baby is turned but not dropped (this is my first and I hear with the first the baby usually drops before labor but with the second they may not drop until labor has started). These contractions will happen all day long, but are not painful. Then the next day I'll have only a handful. It's getting to be irritating. I'd like to just have something happen already. I'm 36 weeks so my doc said I'm in the clear. How far along are you?


Tasha - October 12

Well girls I can tell you it has started!! I just had my beautiful baby girl on Tuesday the 7th and thats exactly how it started for me! I started having contractions on Thursday prior, finally went in to L&D on friday night, all that was happening was thinning they sent me home, told me to come back when they are closer mind you I had a previous c-sec and was trying for a v-bac. I was almost a week overdue at this point and I was told that I have to becareful...anyways, I had contractions for 3 more days went in again on the MOnday morning very early because I havent slept in 3 days and they were getting stronger, and a little bit close together, not 5 mins though. SO went in and I was 1 cm!!! I was like WHAT!!! 1 CM!!! you must be joking. Then I got really emotional because I just thought I can not handle this, the pain was to much and Im only 1 cm. So I gave in and said can I have another c-sec, they gave me some demorol to try and sleep, sent me home and said think about it, if I really wanted it to come back that night, so after sleeping, thank god!! I still couldnt handle this pain when I didnt have an end insight, I mean it took me 4 days to get 1 CM, how long to get to 10??? So I went back Monday night with the full intention of having a c-sec, well turned out I dialated another cm..yay! DR told me I could try for my v-bac. They would break my water and see how I progressed..I was so happy!! That started the longest day of my life!!! At 10:20 they broke my water, go the epidural, by 7am I was 8CM thinking this would fly by I was so happy...not the case, by 12pm still they started oxytoxin, got to 10 by 2pm, at this point I have been in bed for 16 hours, not fun, couldnt have anything to eat or drink for about 24 hours now...that was the worst, I wa so thirsty! Anyway, at 4:30 they said I could start baby girl came out at 5:42...that was very painful, but I was so happy to see her!! We didnt know what we where having and I was convinced it was a boy...all is well and I was so happy to do the v-bac, athough the labor was horrible the recovery has been a breeze!! Oh and her name is Sadie Kathryn, 7lbs, 5oz!!


deedee31 - October 12

Tonigirl - I'm 37 weeks and scheduled for a c-section on Friday. I can't wait! (Not that I'm looking forward to the procedure of course). This has been such a c___ppy week. I had contractions for 3.5 days then they stopped. Weird. We went to a party today where my boys were running around and I was right there behind them. It felt great. :) When we got home I did the dumbest move! I crawled under the dining table to reach for stickers and guess what OMG I feel like I ripped my uterus away from my abdominal wall. The same spot this little guy has been beating on for a week now. Holy Tamoly did it hurt like mad! My almost 3 year old says "Oh no, Mama my baby brother hurt your belly?" Then without hesitation "You said "f*ck" haha" Yikes! I can't believe I let that slip out in front of him. Whoops. Well, I'm chilling for the rest of the night. I hope this was just a tweak and nothing big. The contractions are back now and I can't say that I'm not hoping they get the show on the road. I can't wait to meet this little guy and be a Mama again to my boys. : ) How are you doing? Still having the contractions or a new bundle in your arms? :)


deedee31 - October 12

Tasha - that sounds like a wickedly demanding week. Wow. I'm glad you have your little Sadie Kathryn with you finally. What a roller coaster! How wonderful that you were able to do the v-bac like you were planning. That's great! I hope you're feeling back to normal soon! Big hugs to you and little kisses to Sadie!



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