Contractions Only At Night

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ashleyb0827 - February 27

I'm 39 weeks and i only get contractions at night ... although they have been starting a little bit earlier & lasting a little longer. Anyone know why it's only night time?!! i mean i barely feel him moving at ALL during the day & then at night it's like he's ready to come out ... LOL. I wish he would just keep trying all day then maybe we could have this baby!


missycc4 - February 27

I know what you mean. I was up what felt like all night last night with contraction. I'm not sure if its because we are more active during the day and when we slow down is when we start to pay more attention to what we are feeling. Thats what my mom said to me the other day. I have a Dr. appt tomorrow I'm going to ask her. I thought I was going to have a baby last night they hurt and really crampy. I'm 40 weeks and 3 days.


ashleyb0827 - February 27

you are closer than me!! i've been to the hospital twice to be monitored ... and i was having contractions, but i didn't even feel 90% of them!!!! Haha. i have a dr. appointment tomorrow too ... let me know what they say!


mary b - February 27

I have contractions mainly at night too! They start about an hour after dinner, when I'm just sitting and watching TV. I'm 39 weeks too! Nice to hear i'm not the only one...


crystal74 - February 27

i am 39 weeks 6 days and i too have contractions only at night. sometimes they wake me up but then go away. i get excited when i get them thinking okay maybe this is it, then there gone. my baby is measuring 2-3 weeks bigger so i am hoping he comes asap. this is my first.


conniebearzy - February 27

i get em at night only too and they have been keeping me up. i know that a full bladder can cause them and we tend to get more of these at night. nothing seems to help mine tho. maybe get up and walk around the house since they say walking puts you into labor with false contractions and walking might ease things along. just a thought. good luck.



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