Contractions Or Baby Bunching

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shan_mommy - June 7

This is probably going to sound really dumb to experienced preggo moms, but for me, a first timer in her 27th week, I'm really not sure whether what I'm experiencing is BH contractions or just my big ole baby bunching up. Pretty frequently I will get this tightness in my uterus, where it gets hard and kinda takes my breath away. I called the doctor even though I thought it was probably just the baby balling up. They said if the entire uterus gets hard, it may contractions, if it's just hard in one specific area it's probably the baby balling up. Well, I'm not sure. My whole uterus seems to get tight, a little less so on the under-side of it near by bikini line, but still mostly hard. Can anyone offer some insight? Some days this happens up to 10 times, other days not at all, some days just once or twice.


shan_mommy - June 7

Forgot to mention that I'm a fairly small build (5 feet 4 inches and about 118 pre-pregnancy) which I though might be contributing to why I feel this. Maybe I'm small, so my baby bunching up just feels really big. I definitely feel stretched out.


miraclebaby - June 7

It sound like bh to me, you will know for sure as you progress, I started getting them around your time. It feels tighter to me in one spot, but thats because I had a little belly before I got pregnant and where there was no fat is where I feel it the most. take care


Traci76 - June 7

That definately sounds like B/H to me! I just went into L & D the other night, and while they were monitering me, I felt what I thought was the baby balling up, and the nurse confirmed that it was a contraction. So, I know exactly what you are talking about!!


shan_mommy - June 7

Thanks for letting me know your thoughts. I really was leaning towards thinking it was just the baby bunching. Should I be concerned if it is BH that I'm getting them so frequently already?


Nora1 - June 8

I have been getting BH since about 20 weeks and that's normal. So, I wouldn't be concerned about it unless they are coming regularly or in a pattern. But I think I asked the exact same question on the 2nd Trimester board! It's hard to tell sometimes, especially in the beginning. But now I think BH feel like they slowly come on and then slowly go away. It's like my belly starts to tighten gradually from bottom to top and then releases a few seconds later.



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