Contractions Vs Water Breaking

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louise_J - June 18

Just wondering for those of you that have given birth before....................Did you feel anything before your waters broke? any contractions or twinges? or was your water breaking the first sign for you? Obviously everyone's different but i'm a few days away from being due and wondering whether i will feel anything before hand or just be shocked by the sudden breaking of my waters!


Deb - June 18

You may not even experience your water breaking. Apparently it only happens first in 11% of women. TV and movies tend to always show that happening, so people always just a__sume that it will be one of the first signs of labor. Usually the contractions start first and the water breaks later, or the doctor has to break your water. Regardless of what happens first for you, good luck! You don't have much longer to wait!


Nerdy Girl - June 18

My water never broke with baby #1 and I never even went into labor. They figured out she was breech at my 40 week appointment and did a C-section after unsuccessful attempts to turn her. My water did break at 38 weeks with baby #2. I sort of suspected that he would break the water bag because he was an EXTREMELY ACTIVE baby. The kid never stopped moving! He was like a total spaz. On the day my water broke, I told my husband to feel my belly and I said "There is no way in hell that his kid is not going to break the bag!" That night at 1am --- SPLOOSH - soaked the bed!


miraclebaby - June 18

I had contractions before my water broke, It took a while for mine to break


GraphxGirl - June 18

I had no indication at all that my water was gonna break with my first pregnancy. I was going to the washroom and when I finished there was a gush and it just kept coming after that. No pains at all until I was at the hospital for a bit. I am sure everyone is different...


louise_J - June 18

Thanks for the input guys! Good point about the TV shows Deb, their waters always break first!! Imnot nervous about labour, i'm quite looking forward to it but it's awful not knowing 'when' or 'how' or 'where' i hate not knowing!!


Steph - June 18

My water broke with my daughter, and the only sign that I had that anything was different that day was that I had lost my plug an hour or two before hand.


Been There - June 18

I just have to add to the TV show comment. Even if they don't show the water break, the moment the woman feels one contraction, she's off to the hospital. In reality, they don't want to see you until you've had contractions for an hour straight, 5 minutes or less apart. TV would have you thinking, if you feel one pain, it's time to go.


Trinity102203 - June 18

My water broke with my first at 2:30 a.m. I had no inclination when I went to bed that night that anything was different. I went to bed at 12 and for those 2-1/2 hours I had mild cramping and couldn't sleep. They weren't even contractions. Then "woosh", burst everywhere. I am currently 40 weeks and 5 days and would give anything for that "woosh" :)


joeysmom - June 18

I had just had about ten braxton hicks for about an hour and then they completely quit for twenty minutes, I turned over to go back to sleep and my water broke. It was cool :O)


cherieamour - July 8

my first pregnancy my water broke and i didnt have any signs or symptoms. i went to bed and woke up because i thought i wet my pants. i didnt have any contractions nor was i dilated. the docs had to give me meds to make me contract and help me dilate. needless to say 32 hours later, i had a csection....



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