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andrea - January 12

A response I read in a post that someone made- made me want to ask this question. At what point should you stop br___tfeeding? I have never br___tfed, but I always thought it was no longer than a year. At what age does it become weird? I just couldn't imagine having a toddler with teeth and able to talk sucking milk out of me. Am I looking at this the wrong way?


mel - January 12

Hey andrea! how's it going? my baby is jazzercising today and beating me up from the inside. I saw that same post over at the b___stfeeding forum. a good friend of mine had a baby when we were seniors in highschool and she b___stfed until he was 2 1/2. I thought that was pretty weird. Now, 13 years later, I've come across quite a few women that have b___stfed until their child was around 2. a lot of them would never admit it to people they didn't know very well, because there is a real stigma attached to it, but I'm starting to really believe that's about what age you should b___st feed to. that coupled with the fact that my son (whom I didn't b___stfeed) didn't give up his occasional bottle until he was around 2 1/2. I think it's a personal issue with each woman though. I'm going to try to b___stfeed with this one, but I have to return to work 6 weeks afterwards, so we'll see how that goes......


andrea - January 12

hey mel- it's going alright. I know what you're saying on the jazzercising. Mine does the same thing- Someone's post awhile back said they felt like they were being hollowed out like a pumpkin..Isn't that the truth? Yeah about the b___stfeeding thing- If I had a 2 year old that b___stfed, I wouldn't tell anyone either. Personally, I think it's gross. I mean, if the kid has breatfed for a year-wouldn't they have gotten all the good stuff from their momma by then? Mel I have been contemplating b___stfeeding this baby too. I'm still not sure. Can I ask you why you didn't with your first, but you're going to try with this one? Be honest. I actually thought my reason for not b___stfeeding my first kid was strange, until I told a lady I work with and she said she felt the same way. So although this will probably get responses I don't want, I'll tell you anyway. My reason was because my b___bs had always been used for s_xual purposes and I thought I would feel funny using them for feeding purposes.(I know that's why god gave them to us). So, maybe I'm a little more mature now?It's still the reason why I'm not sure now, too.


Ginny - January 12

I think it's pretty much a personal thing, too. Your pediatrician will probably have lots of advice on the subject as well, so be sure and get one that you can trust. Sometimes babies even wean themselves, like my brother did. I've also even heard of some toddlers who were weaned almost entirely, but would just nursed before bedtime for comfort. I plan to nurse for over a year, because a lot of people in my husband's family has asthma, and b-milk is supposed to help prevent that. It pretty much just comes down to you and your baby, so don't let anyone make you feel bad about your choices!


amb - January 12

i b___stfed my first (through pumping) for 8 weeks but i got an infection and had to stop. i plan on b___stfeeding this one as well (through pumping) atleast 3 to 6 monthes, atleast thats what i hope. i do know how you feel though about them as s_xual beings which one of the reasons i pump. my opinion is that every woman makes their own choices and shouldnt be critized for their choices. but i do draw the line when 3-4 year olds are still b___stfeeding. some woman was even b___stfeeding her soon and he was like 5 or 6, to me thats way to old but to each their own i guess.


JP - January 12

Andrea- Your not weird. I feel the same way about the b___b thing. I thought I would try pumping. I know there are going to be a lot of people out there that are going to think I am terrible or something for feeling this way, but I can't get over the fact that to me (just like you) b___st are a s_xual thing (probably has something to do with society making them out to be or something). I think 2 years is a long time to b___stfeed too. Most of my friends did it for 3 to 4 months (because they all had to go to work and couldn't do it for much longer than that). I think that once you get uncomfortable you stop.


Marlene - January 12

My mother said she stopped b___stfeeding my older sister when she started coming to my mother and grabbing her chest. She said once children are old enough to do that then you should prob stop. If you want to do it until they are like two you could always pump the milk. I have to go back to work after 6wks so the longest I will prob do it is 3months


mel - January 12

I had actually tried to b___stfeed my son, but I have inverted nipples and never had any success at him latching on. after 3 days of him not eating anything I was a stressed out mess and caved in to the formula. Hopefully this time around, I'll be a lot more relaxed and I've learned a few things I didn't know the first time around that may help me have success with it. to be honest though, if I can't do it or it is too much of a ha__sle, it's NOT going to be that big of a deal to me. I've read a lot of posts from some hard-core b___stfeeding moms out there that would think I was giving up too soon, but I've got a healthy, beautiful, intelligent son that was raised on formula, so I'm not going to let it become an issue for me at all. my husband feels very strongly that I should b___stfeed. I mean to the point that we've had some arguments over it, becasue I've told him if I don't like it....then I'm not going to do it. period. anyway Andrea, I don't think your reason for not wanting to b___stfeed your first is silly at all. we derive a lot of s_xual pleasure from our b___sts so I think you have a very valid point.


Lisastar9 - January 12

Long time b___stfeeder here. I am due in March and my son still feeds 3 x a day maxium. My kids never came over and grabbed my chest for wanting to nurse,I would never stand for it. They knew I want to keep it private nursing so,nobody knows I still nurse in public even though I do sometimes. I say to my boy keep it hidden my b___b or you can stop nursing and get off now? My kids respected my wishes. I will let my second one self wean too. I know people don't agree with me but I don't care. I respect everyones wishes on how long and if they don't want to nurse is fine with me. I don't get into a agruement over bf ing it is a mother's personal decision to what she wants to decide. I am just stating my view and honest opinion. I never gave my kids formula and hope not to with this one coming.


andrea - January 12

wow- I can't believe you guys have actually argued over it. If he wants the baby b___stfed so badly, them maybe he should sacrifice one of his b___bies...hahaha. my high school foods teacher sais that if a baby sucks long enough(a very long time)then a mans nipples would produce milk. Buy your man a pump and test out the theory. That would be so funny. Something is telling me that he wouldn't go along with it? I agree, though, b___stmilk is best, but their is nothing wrong with formula. Not one d__n thing-hehe.


mel - January 12

Andrea- TELL ME ABOUT IT!!!!!!! the b___stfeeding issue is a HOT AND HEAVY topic in my household. my husband is from New Zealand apparently he was brought up to believe that is just what you do and the ony reason to every give formula is if you absolutely CAN'T b___stfeed. I feel that b___stfeeding is really good, but I've got to go back to work full-time 6 weeks after giving birth and b___stfeeding is going to be like a another fulltime job. Don't get me wrong, I'm going to give it an honest try....but I REFUSE to pull my hair out over it. and if he gives me any issues over it, I'll be sure to hand him the b___stpump and tell him what you've said! LOL.


andrea - January 12

good luck with that, mel. Once again.....I'm off. I've been getting off at 3. It's been nice. Get home in time for dr.phil. I'm pathetic, but I'm a dr.phil fan.c-ya later!


Ginny - January 12

Wow! I can't believe your husband's actually have strong opinions about it! I have seen tons of arguments about bf versus bottle, but never involving men! That is so interesting. My husband has ZERO opinion either way, except that he likes the idea of saving money LOL! And seriously, I've known several people who didn't bf for the same reason, Andrea. It's good we have formula now so that people CAN have a choice. My SIL was telling me about the lactation consultant who was so militaristic about BF-ing, that she actually made her cry. This consultant didn't even believe in pumping, and was condescending. Because of the frustation and lack of any real information, my SIL gave up, and told the lactation consultant where to shove it! It's just too unrealistic to believe that there is only one solution that will work in every woman's life. And I would love to see my dh's face if I handed him a pump!


mel - January 12

Part of me feels very lucky to have a man that is so involved and so concerned with this pregnancy, but alot of the time I'm just like, "why can't you be like other men and just let me worry about the feedings!" I know I should count my blessings....but GGGRRRRRR.


Ashley N - January 13

My husband is incredibly pro-b___stfeeding! He believes it is healthier, cheaper, more natural. I have no idea how long I will bf, probably at least a year. His family, on the other hand, are already saying "This is too old" or "when the baby can walk its too old" - but dh was walking at 7 months (he never crawled) so I'm like, grrrrr, people, leave me alone! My mom bf me until 14, 15 months and at that point I was only nursing about 3x a day, and then I self weaned, I guess. I really think it should be up to the individual!!


mel - January 13

to Ashley- if I'm successful with pumping at work, I'm going to shoot for a year. but if my baby seems to need it longer than a year that's fine....and if I can't seem to get the hang of it and have to do formula, that's fine too. whatever keeps me from ripping my hair out and keeps the baby fat and happy. that's my goal!


Mandi - January 13

I am a first time mom. I plan to b___stfeed at any cost. I have been doing alot of reading about long-term b___stfeeders and this concept of contact parenting --- I think they even have their own website. I believe only YOU should set your limits when it comes to b___stfeeding your child --- stigma or no stigma, if you want to b___stfeed you child until he weans himself then all the more power to you. I really want to b___stfeed until atleast 1 year....even longer if me b___sts, body and baby will allow. But, the other day I looked at this cute little boy in the mall....ofcourse I asked "How old?"....response "Almost 2." The kid was walking, talking and eating solid food. Here is where my dilema comes into play. I would probably still b___stfeed at home, but I would have a hard time b___stfeeding a toddler in public. I used to work at a vet's office, no lie, one lady (a firm contact parenting believer) was b___stfeeding her 6 year old in the waiting room. I know this comes down to everyone elses problem, not your own --- if you choose to bf until 6 years of age --- go for it. Another interesting subject of the contact parenters is co-sleeping. Anyone have any opinions on this subject? Have you slept with your newborn/infant? Any responses to this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.



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