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mel - January 13

wow, girl. we do have a lot of similarities. my sister has some pretty odd beliefs, too. most of hers are based on her religion, (which I'm not going to state because I don't want to start one of those kind of arguments with anyone). but we've gone over a year without speaking to each other before because of our difference in beliefs. the fact that we both have children now has brought us back together somewhat, but her beliefs still get me sometimes. she doesn't believe in Christmas or birthdays and it just breaks my heart for her kids. to make matters worse, on the birthdays her son was born the same month as my son and now we're both due the same month again. so every year my kids will get gifts and get to b__w out the candles while hers don't. anyway. that's neither here nor there. about the b___stfeeding thing, I agree with Jen976 about it just being a habbit. like I said in an earlier post, my son didn't completely stop the bottle until he was 2 1/2 and all it was, was a comfort thing.


Meredith - January 13

OKay, here is my two cents worth. I b___stfed very briefly with both of my daughters. I have already given it up with my second and she is only three weeks. The first one I quit when I had to go back to work, and the doctor made me start giveing her supplementary bottles after two weeks anyway. The second one I quit because I remember how bad it was to wean the first. I thought if I just quit now, she would not get so attached. I also figured I would have the same problems and not make enough milk again. I at least wanted her to get a little of those good antibodies and such. If I had continued to bf either one of them; I would have stopped bfing the same time I stopped formula and bottles - 1yr old. We let the pacifier continue until age 2, and then we cut that off, too. I guess I am a no nonsense kind of mother. I never had any tantrums or anything from the loss of either one, and I am proud to say my 2 yr old is potty trained. As for the family bed topic, I think I am the one who is independent, and do not want to share my bed with anybody but my husband. Occasionally my 2 yr old will climb into the bed when she gets scared and that is fine. If she crawls into bed every night, we start packing her back to her own bed. If my husband works overnight, she sometimes gets an invite to sleep with mom, but as for a daily basis? No way, she has been sleeping in her own crib or bed since before she was 6 weeks old, and my second will do the same. I like my freedom!


Meredith - January 13

One more note, ny husband is from Cuba. When we took the baby to his mom's house to meet my husband's grandmother, I overheard him say in Spanish that I was bottle feeding bc I had not produced milk. I asked him later if that was what he said and why, because it was not entirely true - I was afraid of it happening again, but it had not happened yet. I guess his mother felt that it was wrong of me to bottle feed. Just told you this to point out the difference in culture. My mom did not bat her eyes twice about it, as a matter of fact - I was never b___stfed.


Mary the redhead - January 14

Breastfeeding rocks! do it as long as you can!!! I only did it 6 months with first son but he does still sleep with me alot and hes 5 1/2...It is for sure, the best feeling. I plan to b___stfeed this little girl inside me for as long as i can..maybe past one year who knows.... I could only last 6 months again.?!? Bonding is important though. Contact parenting or whatever they want to call it now... I just call it loving your babies!!


andrea - January 16

mel- I just read what you wrote about your sis. What's up with our whacked out families? haha. Hmmmm..I don't know, but getting into "discussions" with family members about raising children can be lethal and violent, huh? That does suck for her kids, though. Why would she do that to them? That's like not letting your kid dress up for halloween because it's satanic. Theirs at least 1(more like 50) arguments at each family thing because we start talking about what's right and what's wrong. It ends being who's right and who's doing what wrong? Not good!


mel - January 16

hey andrea. how was your weekend? I went for my 30 week checkup this morning and everything looked good. baby is measuring 32 weeks. YAY! asked the doctor if he could tell if s/he was still head down and he mashed around on me and said that s/he was and showed me where the shoulders were and which direction the baby was facing. wonder how he can tell all that and I can't? anyay, yeah my sister doesn't do the holloween thing either. "because it's satanic!" HAHAHA. whatever floats her boat, I guess. our mom makes sure to pick both of our sons up at least once a week so they can spend time together (because my sister and I rarely see each other) so my boy will end up filling her boy in on all the fun he's missing. I'm not saying that like I'm happy about it. oh....who am I kidding....yes I am. ha


kuhaaica - January 17

as for weridness i wouldnt go past a year, due to teeth, size of the child and it can take away from the child learning to be ndependant from his/her mother. That being said i nursed my son exclusively for 5 months he weaned himsself, my daughter for 8 months, son for 10 months and my last for 14 months but he was a micro preemie, he was smaller and required it longer for health reasons. Its all personal opinion but medically, there is no substancial benefit after the 12 month or so, and its just werid to see a 2.5 year old walking over to his mother lifting up her top and taking a drink.


just curious - January 17

Why is it weird to you? Or anyone else?


to just curious - January 17

why ISN'T it weird to you.


just not good - January 17

I agree it is strange letting your child take out your b___st and suck on at 2.5 years old . Most children will begin to know other children are not doing this. I think it leads to a lot of attachment issues, the edipis complex , and can har m your child in the long run.


Jamie - January 17

I plan on nursing my daughter as long as she wants, even if she's using me as a pacifier at 15 months. It's a special relationship I have with her, and it would break my heart to have to give that up. If someone were so rude as to tell me that I shouldn't nurse my own child, I would simply tell them that they are more than welcome to raise their children the way they want, and I'll raise my children my way. I don't believe it'll cause issues with my children becoming dependant or independant, and I certainly don't think it's incestuous or inappropriate, because there is nothing s_xual in b___stfeeding, any more than there is in cuddling, hugging, and kissing between a parent and a child. If my daughter chooses to wean herself at 6 months, that's fine; if she weans herself at 6 years, that's fine too. (Of course, I reserve the right to change my mind!)



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