Cooking With Wine

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averysmom - January 11

Does anyone know if it is safe to cook with wine while 33 weeks pregnant? Or what about flambeau??


DownbutnotOUT - January 11

Its a very debated topic, personally I wouldnt it just doesnt sound safe I would ask my dr for a definate answer.


mamagoose - January 11

I was interested to learn that it takes a pretty long cooking time to remove the alcohol from wine... here is a pretty good website that might answer your question:


Tammy276 - January 11

This is a very debated topic as downbutnotOUT said, but the little amount of wine you use to cook isn't going to harm your baby. do you know how many restaraunts you go to that use wine in there sauces and you probably just don't know it? Personally, I think it is o.k. to have a gla__s of wine once in a while or a beer while pregnant, and my doctor told me it is fine as just really depends on the doctor, but I'm sure they will tell you that using wine to cook is fine.


cindernar - January 12

I've marinated and cooked many a pork roast in white wine. Not only do I eat it, but so does my 3 year old. I figure after it's been cooking for an hour, it's probably OK. I'm no expert, though.


chrissi79 - January 12

Cooking with wine is not a big are not downing a bottle..and most of the alcohol evaporates while you're cooking anyway...You probably aren't using nearly enough wine to worry about it anyway...especially at 33 weeks...however, its a personal choice.


MB - January 12

I wouldnt worry, i have had half a gla__s of wine mixed with soda a few times throughout my pregnancy, as long as you are not drinking every night dont worry. Go ahead and enjoy your meal !!!


tritty - January 12

many years ago i worked at a fondue restaurant and for the main course many cooking styles were done with alcohol (not to mention the cheese fondue had either beer or wine in it too). anyhow, children were allowed to eat it because it cooks off rather quickly. i wouldn't worry about it.



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